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I like that it's customizable but also makes sense as far what you're trying accomplish with your org structure or goals in mind. If there are certain things missing from an area where we need them - they do have plans/ideas about future releases which helps alleviate some concerns when using this product if at all possible! They've been very responsive during our implementation process so hopefully any issues will be addressed before long term use begins :) We were able implement workflows between various teams within my department without having too many customizations made outside out team / departments involved initially since those details could not easily transfer over otherwise; however now moving forward into larger scale projects such has new hires etc., additional options become available once again allowing us more flexibility here while still remaining somewhat standardized overall throughout other areas already implemented through previous implementations elsewhere internally via IT Governance Center & Project Portfolio. Vedi recensione completa

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I enjoy that it is easy to create an account with this program, they have great support services as well! The layout of their website can be difficult to navigate for beginners; however, once you get used to the format of how things are laid out its not such a big deal. It would be nice if there were more features available to customize your own profile page rather than having everything preset in your dashboard. This allows me to easily keep track of my time spent using this software compared to other projects. With this being an hourly rate accounting service, we often spend large amounts of hours working outside of our normal work day hours. 99% of the information being stored here is correct, but occasionally someone will put something in wrong or miss some detail when inputting data into another tool. We have found this system helpful at keeping us organized since each user only has one "dashboard" like area which makes finding certain tasks easier. The platform is easy to use, has many features that improve efficiency and visibility of KPIs and reporting in general. It would be great if it was more intuitive for non-technical users. We are able to track our performance metrics across all departments with ease. This allows us to effectively manage risk as well as increase productivity by tracking progress against key business objectives.Vedi recensione completa

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Ziploc Storage Bags Gallon Count

I really love all sorts of useful things for the household, I have already paid attention to these Zip-Lock bags several times, but I still doubted whether it was possible to store a freeze in them. My good friends used to be engaged in the production of bags and I was assured that these bags are made from the same material as food bags. To be honest, the first time I saw them in the freezer, everything was packed in these bags. Well, I decided to go and buy. I usually freeze everything in proportion, I got it used and forgot, it’s not for me to break it off, but if you tie a place in knots, you lose a lot in the freezer. I bought different sizes, counting depending on what I would freeze. The price for these packages is also different, the largest packages with a lock took 30 by 20 centimeters and cost 100 pieces 170 rubles, they were even larger. Yes, and tomatoes with eggs of their frozen tomatoes are tastier. Here the size of the package is 10 by 10 centimeters, and three medium tomatoes are placed in a peeled form, four can also be closed, the package will also close simply, it will be more puffy. Only a child eats berries with us, so portions counted on her. I used different packages, taking into account that I love it more, only I placed cherries in a small bag where 80 grams can be tamped up to 120 grams. A package with currants is packed in 10 by 15 centimeters, here you can place up to 200 grams of berries, no matter large strawberries or small currants We use a lot of greens, and spinach, wild garlic, also proportionally placed everything in bags, when the air squeezes out the bag takes up even less space. This year, I even froze corn, because in winter they always bought mine, and now we have our own, only it took a long time to select a variety that would be tastier. Frozen everything in bulk. Before freezing a lot, I first did an experiment on how the product would behave after defrosting, and then just started, it already freezes winter portions. Well, where without zucchini in winter, I also put it in large bags. the sizes are huge, from narrow and long to large square ones, and they are affordable in price category, although initially I looked at the sites and on the site they are twice as expensive everywhere, even in bulk. I bought six sizes for myself in a regular store, where they don’t sell anything except bags, a store like the world of bags, there are a hundred pieces in each package, there’s still enough left for next year, and I’ll go buy more, so many now began to use them, very convenient, practical, economical, some pluses, you can reuse them later, they don’t tear when you immediately take them out and open them from the freezer, they don’t affect the locks either, everything works. For hostesses who use freezing, if you have not paid attention to these packages, take a closer look very conveniently, you will like them. Vedi recensione completa

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OKR Board

I like that we can break down our metrics into different areas (eCommerce, Sales Operations etc.) to ensure all are being met but also track progress towards those KPIs over time so you know if there's room for improvement or not! We've used this product at another organization previously where it was called "Growth Metrics" which had some overlap with what other products offered - however these two have been more tailored specifically toward sales/operations growth tracking than anything else. It has helped us set up clear targets each quarter while keeping an eye out for any trends moving forward throughout year-end reviews and annual planning sessions too. Vedi recensione completa

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As long as you have some level of engagement with their team, they are extremely helpful in helping understand how we can improve our metrics within my org's KPIs/OKRs (and beyond). Their approach is very practical - not too heavy handed or "data snob" so it was super easy for us managers who don't know anything about analytics! A lot has been solved by them; from understanding what goals make sense going forward vs past ones etc --to being able to identify areas where there may be opportunities but aren’t fully realized yet like cross training more employees into roles which will help drive efficiencies down road. I'd say if any one person came onboard without having prior knowledge of stats / analytical concepts then this would really put people off until after getting introduced through proper channels such an event series + 1on1s w new hire introductions/meetings? Vedi recensione completa

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Great Customer Service! I have never had an issue with customer service ever since they started using their software (or at least before we switched). It was always easy for me or my staff to give quick updates as there were no delays in getting information. The main problem/complaint I would say this solves for us is being able to print out coupons more quickly than when you use paper copies. You can also see exactly which products are selling well so you know how much money your using up without knowing. Having all of our sales data together instead of going through each store individually saved us time.Vedi recensione completa

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The ability to create a schedule for all of our clients in one place, which is very useful when updating client budgets. Also, it's great that we can use the program on multiple devices. It would be nice if you could add some more features like custom reports or something. As far as I know there are no options to send an automatic email notification if someone is watching your ad. We have used this software for several years now and have been very satisfied. This software has allowed us to be able to organize all of our client advertising in one place, which saves time and effort. Vedi recensione completa

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Peer39 Platform

I like how easy it was for me to understand my campaigns from beginning to end since everything is very organized with each campaign having its own sub account. The only problem I have at times is when there are too many ads running simultaneously which causes some confusion on what you should be looking at. Also sometimes I would look up something and not find anything but once I click on another tab and go back to where i looked before I could see the info again. It helps us keep track of all our accounts so we don't miss any important information during certain periods. Vedi recensione completa

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The best thing about this is their customer support team! They are always helpful no matter how small or big your issue may be. I have used them to target my social ads but they also help me do general SEO work as well. Their reporting system can sometimes get confusing if you aren't familiar with it which doesn’t make sense since there isn’t much that needs to know in order to use it correctly. Sometimes things don’t show up right so we had some issues finding out what was wrong until someone from telmar came over literally just to fix our report because he didn’t want us having problems later down the road when people started asking questions. We were able to find new customers who weren’t even looking specifically at my products through using these tools. It helped bring those leads into more of an awareness stage. Vedi recensione completa

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STIROLL Leather Compatible Wristband IWatch Accessories & Supplies

I don't understand - why wear a watch if you have a mobile phone. Especially to go to the store in them, or take out the trash. I would be clear. if it's a fitness bracelet, at least some benefit. And there is no point in watching the time at home or at work (there are large wall clocks everywhere). But it's hard to explain to my husband, who has bought inexpensive watches for work and now only changes the straps. The husband buys watches for work very cheap because they hit, break, or even break on metal racks. Exit is a separate option). But today the review is not about watches, but about ordinary watch straps. I think that many do not have problems with them, we have one big problem. Watches bought from a Chinese site come with a strap. It is clear from leatherette, but for us this is not essential, since the watch lives less than the strap. But even this strap, which is already there, does not suit us. Either the population of the Middle Kingdom does not understand that the wrist of a Russian man is twice as wide as theirs; or they simply save on the length of the strap. In general, we have to change watch straps immediately on a new watch or change old straps that barely converge on my husband’s hand for new ones. Here is a photo of a leather strap that lasted 8 months on the hand. Buttoned almost to the penultimate hole - this is the longest we could buy. Now it needs to be changed. We walked around three watch stores, chose by price and length. We chose a suitable strap for 900 rubles. It's a shame when the strap costs twice as much as a watch from China. The brand is very popular. Before that, we already had watch straps from Nagata. On the reverse side of the strap is light. There is a size and an inscription that it is really genuine leather. I would like to believe, but I highly doubt it. The lines on the strap are stitched evenly and neatly. We've never had a problem with them coming apart or tearing. Tailoring quality is good. The strap itself is made of embossed leather. For us, this is not essential, but the husband says that he likes it more and looks richer. The most important part of the strap, for us, is a thin strip of leather where the husband hides the small tip of the strap. There are always two loops on the Nagata strap. Without this "loop", the watch will open on its own, because the strap is short and the tail sticks out. The color of the strap matched our old watch perfectly and now it can still be worn. The width fits well, sits tightly between the ears. The strap bends well and wraps around the hand. The fastener is ordinary, serves flawlessly, does not rust. It is more likely that the strap will break than the clasp will deteriorate. We have the third watch strap from the Nagata brand. Perhaps if we could buy a larger size, more precisely longer, then the strap would last longer. But no matter how much we searched, did not go shopping and did not search on a popular site, we could not find a longer one than in the photo. I can’t understand, does my husband have the largest wrist or do all men suffer with short straps? The husband fastens the strap on the penultimate hole, and the tip barely goes into the loop. We are no longer up to style, if only the strap does not unfasten and the watch does not fall. We hope that the new strap will last at least two previous ones - a year. In our country, the holes of the strap are mostly torn - they cannot withstand stretching, because the length of the strap is a bit short for the hand of a real Russian man. The price of the strap is 900 rubles, which costs us twice as much as the price of the watch (. Vedi recensione completa

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