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Blockchain technology has given way to the creation of a global digital industry of intelligent products and services, free of intermediaries and of incalculable utility and uses. But this potential can be further maximized by integrating with other technologies or digital resources, such as the Internet of Things (IoT). Precisely, the duplication between blockchain and IOT is what we find in the IOTA platform. IOTA combines the security of the blockchain with the versatility of Internet of Things (IOT) technology, creating a virtual machine that houses smart solutions that go beyond the infrastructure of the global distributed ledger, such as as automated learning applications, which give meaning and movement to static applications created only with blockchain resources. By incorporating IOT and other digital resources, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the IOTA ecosystem intends to go beyond the creation of simple intelligent applications and create solutions that give life toVedi recensione completa

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The volume of users who join the use of digital commerce continues to grow more and more. Either for security, comfort, and currently for reasons of confinement in times of pandemic due to Covid-19; traders, traders, investors and beginners in the use of crypto assets have turned to the platforms as a digital resource for asset management on a global scale. And it is that with the arrival of blockchain technology there is no excuse to join the digital economy in a reliable way, not only because of the tranquility generated by transparent transactions from it, but also because of the breadth of services it can offer, due to its great potential. We can see this in the Exosis network, a comprehensive ecosystem that consolidates a set of blockchain services and products under the same infrastructure that allows its users to access a diverse source of asset management mechanisms and investment sources. What can users find within the Exosis ecosystem? • A network of users on a global scaVedi recensione completa

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We all know the importance of the use of electrical energy in our lives today, whether it is to operate the vast majority of electrical appliances, machinery and a myriad of systems that are part of our industrial and everyday environment. But just as we recognize its usefulness, we know that the excessive use of this energy source can cause damage to the environment, as well as the emission of polluting gases from machinery and vehicles that use fuel. To achieve a balance between these two energy systems and protect the quality of life on the planet, the founders of CyClean considered the creation of a transport model based on the leasing of vehicles that use electrical energy as a traction mechanism. This platform known as CyClean, in addition to being an alternative to the conventional transport system, represents a new monetary model that allows us to value watts or meters as a value currency or digital asset. In this sense, CyClean has as main purposes: • Promote the conservaVedi recensione completa

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One of the facilities that the use of cryptocurrencies offers us is its versatility and the comfort of its transfer, since unlike fiduciary money we do not need to carry a large amount of physical bills to be able to make the payment for the purchase of goods and services . However, the drawback that we often find in the use of cryptocurrencies is their lack of admission in many commercial premises and the conditions that are established on them, in many cases of use, whether they are high rates, use of special cards, misleading advertising about the redemption of rewards, among others. TEE-coin solves this problem by being accepted as a form of payment in all compatible merchants. Another of the main attractions of the TEE-coin platform is that it allows holders to purchase goods and services, in exchange for processing an online payment. TEE-coin also allows you to develop a database of trusted customers, in an organized way on the blockchain. In this way, the TEE-coin cryptograVedi recensione completa

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Today the volume of payments that are made electronically has grown dramatically compared to the traditional payment methods used by conventional finance. This increase is due to many factors, including: the security offered by virtual payment platforms, the convenience and the saving of time in carrying out complex procedures. The arrival of blockchain technology has contributed significantly to the permanent emergence of these electronic payment gateways that give the relevant boost to the growth of the digital economy on a global scale. Within them, we have Litecoin. Litecoin is a digital portal for the immediate processing of payments between users located anywhere on the planet, through access to the network. This platform presents valuable features that make it worthy of its recognition as an instant manager in the execution of digital asset exchange operations. Among them we can mention: • The speed of confirmation of commercial transactions • Motivation to venture into theVedi recensione completa

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Just as each professional in their area must have the appropriate tools to successfully carry out their work, developers need an excellent performance platform and resources for application development. A powerful, scalable and efficient blockchain infrastructure is just the basic scenario for developers to have the ideal resources to develop truly valuable and large applications. EOS sets the stage for technology and performance for creators to build smart solutions of recognized market value. This platform is committed to maximizing the scalability of the blockchain in both directions (horizontal and vertical). But, what other objectives does this network pursue? EOS is committed to becoming a multifunctional ecosystem, which can be the core of various blockchain services, a non-custodial storage manager and which serves as a vault to host a wide range of applications and investment products. Thanks to the high storage capacity provided by the EOS network, developers are not limVedi recensione completa

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One of the great benefits of the potential of blockchain technology is the ability it provides to some platforms to create smart contracts. Since this digital resource is extremely versatile and has the necessary flexibility to adjust to any condition or requirement within the context of the problem we want to solve. There is no doubt of the importance that these digital tools regain, but however, they are limited in terms of their connection with real world events. Precisely to achieve this link between the real plane and the computer plane, another very flexible and very useful technological resource is used, which is known as an oracle. Chainlink is a blockchain platform whose purpose is to use its virtual machinery as a safe scenario for the inter-relationship between the so-called smart computer contracts and the integration of external data collected by the oracles to take place. Just as no living being can live in isolation, smart contracts need information from the real worlVedi recensione completa

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For both entertainment application managers and providers that market and manage virtual games, having an efficient and easy-to-use network at their disposal to build and host these games is essential, since the performance of your product and the efficiency with which the games can be operated on the network when the interface with the user of the virtual platform is executed. What does FunctionX offer in this regard? The innovations and virtues offered by the FunctionX chain are valuable. Here are the most relevant ones:  It simplifies the access to the gaming platform quickly and saves time by providing an alternative security mechanism that consists of self-sovereign identity validation, instead of the KYC system.  Allows the payment of bets instantly within the game  Facilitates registration on the gaming platform in a secure, private and almost immediate way  Provides a digital bridge that allows the connection of players with casinos  Provides low fees for digital asVedi recensione completa

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In the market for entertainment platforms, many injustices are usually committed by underestimating the creative value of game developers, by avoiding the true value of their creations, reaching them to perceive minimal gratification in the distribution chain of earnings generated by gaming applications. It is no secret to anyone that there is a lot of bureaucracy with respect to the proportion of income that game stores capture and the irrelevance that the creative work of developers of entertainment applications suffers. As a way to value the talent of these individuals, the Game Credits platform uses blockchain technology to design a digital infrastructure that provides equitable conditions for all actors involved in the creation and management of entertainment solutions, especially with the purpose of assigning the true value that developers have in the creative work of virtual games. Who benefits from this platform besides the developers? Game Credits not only gives fair valueVedi recensione completa

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As well as the popular saying goes: ¨ in unity there is strength¨, we can apply this motto to the space of blockchain technology, to mention the importance of the interconnection between different infrastructures that make use of the potential of the chain of blocks, to create new functions and services that provide intelligent solutions within the real world and the digital economy. This has been one of the arguments of the founders of ARK. ARK serves as a digital bridge between different platforms that offer blockchain services to achieve the communication of different protocols and eliminate the limitations between the products offered by a blockchain and the other networks. How does the interoperability of this ecosystem operate? To achieve efficient communication between different blockchain platforms and access the exclusive services offered by each one, the ARK network uses the native cryptographic protocol (the ARK token) linked to a smartbridge that it has due to its ERC-2Vedi recensione completa

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One of the reasons why social platforms continue to grow rapidly in terms of followers is that they are no longer limited to serving as a connector for social relationships on a global scale, but have also become a valuable tool to monetize our talents quickly and safely. So much so that they are used for profit and professional purposes, in addition to the social purpose that was initially denoted to them. Kin is part of that group of virtual infrastructures that through the use of blockchain technology create the digital scene and the ideal mechanisms so that users can show their creations and market them globally under a secure environment. The security of the asset exchange platform is given by the use of the global distributed ledger, which allows to record the transactions derived from the commercialization of content, permanently and unalterable and under the transparency of the visualization of all the users of the red Kin. For those who have a special talent for creating auVedi recensione completa

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To survive in the global marketplace, companies must evolve at the pace of technology. This implies adapting your internal processes to the most sophisticated intelligent solutions that allow you to optimize financial and human resources and save time in asset management and administrative and operational processes. To solve many of these approaches, the Qtum platform has emerged. Qtum has been designed thinking about providing a set of solutions to organizations, through the use of smart contracts provided by the Ethereum network technology that serves as the base infrastructure for the management of its operations. But, what additional benefits do users receive from the Qtum platform? • Provides a consensus mechanism that grants fair conditions to all participants in the mining extraction process, it is the proof of participation, which eliminates bureaucracy in mining activity. • Provides efficiency in the management of commercial transactions since the validation period is carVedi recensione completa

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Both for government institutions, investors and for personal use, privacy in the management of our finances is important, since in our movements we leave a trace of our intentions and of the other people involved in a commercial transaction, which is not always convenient to reveal, since this information could be manipulated in an inappropriate way by third parties. ZCash is a cryptographic platform whose priority is the protection of data involved in the exchange of digital assets through its virtual infrastructure. What type of technology or computing resources does ZCash use to keep the information of the users of its platform safe? ZCash uses the privacy management protocol known as the z-SNARKS test, in coordination with the zero knowledge test, which is responsible for encrypting the information related to a commercial operation, so that it becomes an encrypted message only visible to the two parties involved in the operation (sender and receiver). The use of this technologyVedi recensione completa

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For traders, investors and users in general, the cost of using a cryptographic platform for the exchange of digital assets is an important matter of interest due to the volume of transactions that can be executed and the high expense that this would cause throughout your financial arrangements. This directs your attention to those smart solutions that in addition to security provide you with affordable rates. Such is the case with Nano. Nano is a digital asset management platform, recognized for the economy of its transactions, since these do not represent any cost, that is, the payment for use of the network is zero fee. This feature is extremely valuable for users who handle large volumes of operations, since it makes their work a low-cost and powerful management, allowing them to exchange and trade multiple cryptographic protocols without incurring any cost. What other characteristics make this network attractive? In addition to zero fees, the Nano platform allows: • Save enerVedi recensione completa

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The digital industry currently has myriad trading platform options for managing our digital assets. We have a wide range of crypto portals that allow us to both mobilize our finances without custody, as well as join the cryptocurrency mining business and be part of world-class investors. Selecting one in particular is usually an arduous task, especially when we seek to keep the low profile of our virtual wallet and our investments. Thinking about the privacy of its users, Bytecoin has developed a blockchain platform where the priority is to safeguard the privacy of the holders of the native currency. How do you do it? To safeguard the privacy of its followers, the Bytecoin virtual machinery uses the CryptoNote protocol that uses signature rings and they are responsible for avoiding tracking and linking between commercial operations. This mechanism generates a unique key that is used only once in operations, regardless of the number of transactions, which avoids the use of multiple Vedi recensione completa

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The way of doing advertising campaigns has changed with the arrival of the technological resources that we know today and that are increasingly innovative and of unlimited scope, especially now with the incorporation of blockchain technology within marketing and promotion management. of goods and services without borders. Thanks to the virtual machinery and the power and versatility of the blockchain infrastructure, it is possible to develop reliable advertising mechanisms, fair reward systems, quality content and to consolidate a network of interconnected advertising actors in a secure way. This is possible with the BAT platform. What is the BAT platform? BAT provides the advertising scenario for advertisers to offer their products and allows the creation of a reward system that rewards platform users for navigating with the Brave browser, keeping third-party advertising out of the way. The platform uses the BAT token (Basic Attention Token) as a measure of the value of the time tVedi recensione completa

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To carry out their work, developers of intelligent solutions must direct their attention to those virtual infrastructures that allow them access to valuable resources that facilitate their work and that allow them to save time and effort in the use of languages and programs of total simplicity and previously known for them. As a way to facilitate their creative work, the Lisk platform offers them an infrastructure for easy computer programming that incorporates the use of JavaScript as a manager protocol for building autonomous applications. What are the benefits of using JavaScript within Lisk for developers? Thanks to the easy use of JavaScript, creators can design applications out of the box. Another of the qualities that the Lisk platform brings to developers is to serve as a virtual test stage for its multiple applications. This is possible through the side chains that the main machinery that serves as the basis of the network has. In this way, they test applications in the lVedi recensione completa

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Developers face greater challenges every day in terms of the design of applications that surpass the utilities and versatility of previous solutions. For this, creators need to use the appropriate infrastructure that allows them to access the ideal conditions to easily create innovative technological products. In this sense, the NEM platform offers a solution that simplifies the work of creators by allowing them access to virtual machinery without the need to use special programs or computer resources, in order to build new applications easily and simply. How does this mechanism work? The creators make use of the servers or intelligent applications of the NEM network to mold them according to the needs of the products to be designed. This versatility used in coordination with the storage capacity of the Addresses used by NEM in wallets and other applications allows developers total autonomy for their creations. What other qualities does the NEM platform possess? • NEM employs a miVedi recensione completa

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One of the most widely used platforms today are those that offer decentralized file storage and management services. But this service sometimes presents limitations in terms of space availability and risks of manipulation by third parties. As a result, alternatives have emerged in terms of smart storage solutions that are truly autonomous and without third-party custody or intermediation or controls. And most importantly, it offers security in the handling of private data. One of these solutions has emerged from the hand of blockchain technology under the name of MaidSafeCoin. MaidSafeCoin is a protocol generated by the virtual machinery of the SAFE network. The SAFE network uses the MaidSafeCoin protocol for the operation of data and the management of applications related to the storage of digital content. SAFE uses the virtual blockchain machinery to channel the routing of data in an unalterable and secure way in the block chain, guaranteeing protection against malicious manipuVedi recensione completa

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The demand for electricity worldwide is increasingly increasing due to the consumption of technological equipment that requires energy for its operation. This in turn raises concern by increasing deterioration of the environmental conditions that surround us. One of the alternative solutions to reduce this situation is given by increasing the production and use of solar energy. This is not only healthier for the planet but more economical for consumers. In addition to representing a profitable commercial activity for those who wish to become providers of this type of service. Power Ledger is part of these alternative solutions to electricity consumption, offering a blockchain platform for the production, trade and distribution of solar energy. Power Ledger channels the induction of users on how to be part of the solar energy mining and designs the commercial structure for the exchange of the same worldwide. Why use blockchain technology for electricity trading? • It allows transacVedi recensione completa

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