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narmada vcio 로고

Narmada vCIO

The UI is very easy to follow along with the whole product. It's not much of a learning curve as it was before. I am still having some issues getting everything working exactly how I'd like, but that could be my own fault or maybe just a lack of technical knowledge. If you have someone with IT experience who can help you out then this would be a great fit. They do offer support. Our team has been able to pick up all aspects of our clients business and we are using their product to help us run an effective and efficient IT department. 전체 리뷰보기

qxpress scheduling software 로고

QXpress Scheduling Software

I like how it integrates with QB so easy to see what's going in my schedule, also can view invoices from within app! The customer support was terrible when we were using an older version of their product years ago - they did not respond well at all if you had issues or problems with anything they offered; basically nothing but bad attitude/bad work ethic by employees there. We used them because our previous scheduler didn't offer many features (such as task reminders). This one does everything your regular office-based schedulers do plus more!! It makes managing projects much easier than trying to keep track of tasks manually via Excel spreadsheets.전체 리뷰보기

saaswatch 로고


I like how easy it was to create dashboards, get insight about my user base (and where they're using those apps), find new products with no hassle at all! It's not free but very affordable for small companies or startups who need their own dashboard solution without having much budget available right now - plus you can use your current CRM system as well if needed so nothing lost here :) The only thing i dislike would be some UI changes during recent updates/upgrades of Saaswatch itself could have been done better perhaps? Just go ahead & give this product try because there isn't any major downside yet compared when we first started out last year since then almost everything has improved drastically anyway :). We've managed our customer engagement pretty effectively over time thanks mostly due to these awesome tools provided within saaSWatch platform from day one till today!전체 리뷰보기

ceequel 로고


Ceequel is easy to install and easy to use. It has a large range of features and is easy to integrate with other software. It is a very powerful, flexible and robust system. It is very easy to use and there is a large range of support options. It has a very good interface and can be used both online and offline. Ceequel is a very good system. I would recommend it to any company. It is very flexible, has a large range of features, is easy to use and has a large range of support options. It is very easy to use and has a very good interface. It can be used both online and offline. 전체 리뷰보기

realday 로고


The ability for my employees can be tracked in real time as well they are able t get all information at one place which helps me save lot of money by reducing cost per hour (CPA) & increasing productivity/employee retention rate etc.. I would like that it has more functionalities but currently there isn't much improvement so far except those mentioned above.- Airtime tracking - Time off requests - Ability for supervisors / managers view employee details including attendance records & performance reports.전체 리뷰보기

schedulie 로고


I like that it's easy to schedule meetings with other colleagues. It also allows me access my calendar from anywhere, which is great as I work from home. The team behind the product have been very responsive to my feedback for future updates and improving their service. I'm still waiting for them to offer an API so that I can integrate it into my own platform. Try it out, you will not be disappointed! There are so many features to try in this software. Scheduling and organizing has never been easy before. This is definitely going to help us get a lot more done. 전체 리뷰보기

ontime employee manager 로고

ONtime Employee Manager

I like that it has many features for different companies such as employee scheduling/payroll management with time clock integration etc which makes life easier when compared with other software out there in this industry. It also provides reports at any given moment so you can see what's going on within your business without having too much hassle trying to find information from another source or even worse calling someone up! There are some things about OnTime i dislike but they're not enough reason to stop using them altogether because overall everything works well. The only thing really bad was their customer service department - we had issues getting support tickets answered promptly especially during peak hours (which were very busy). We solved our problems by switching over to emailing instead since sometimes answers would take days before being received back due to heavy load times online. 전체 리뷰보기

beepshift 로고


I like how easy it was to navigate through all my team members, even down as far deep into their history if needed! The interface could use some improvement but overall we love using this system for our teams in San Francisco/Sydney Australia!! We have several different departments within an organization (HR / Finance) so finding someone who can help us quickly gets tricky at times when searching from another department or looking up certain individuals' availability etc.. It's really helpful being able get everyone available across multiple locations together without having them spend time logging back int he office where they are currently working - no more emails asking people what hours suit best :).전체 리뷰보기

grafik optymalny (optimal schedule) 로고

Grafik Optymalny (Optimal Schedule)

The main thing is that it helps me to manage my schedule, I can set up meetings with colleagues or clients at any time without wasting much time. It's also very easy for use since all you have to do is enter your information once then just click "Go" button to get an overview about who will be available when as well as their availability period. Nothing! We are using graffiks optimalyschedule since 2 years now but there was nothing annoying us until now. Maybe because this tool has been working perfectly fine so far while other softwares were not able to keep our work organized properly.전체 리뷰보기

push operations 로고

Push Operations

I like that I can add my own tasks to the system which is very important as we are a busy restaurant. The customer service has been top notch. They have helped us out in an emergency situation when our server computer crashed. We would love if they could offer more than just one version of their software. For example, I think it would be great if they offered both Mac and Windows versions. I also wish there was an option for them to send me an email with all of the data from my account. It's helpful to have everything at once so I don't have to look through several different emails to find what I'm looking for. 전체 리뷰보기

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