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samsung galaxy buds pro accessories & supplies 로고

SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro Accessories & Supplies

Cool headphones. It's uncomfortable at first, but then you get used to it. They fit well and don't fall out. Noise cancellation works great. If you started talking to someone, the sound in the headphones is invited and you hear the interlocutor through the headphones (heard well). I recommend. Rostest came for which I was worried, but everything is fine) I bought a warehouse. 전체 리뷰보기

sony wh 1000xm4 canceling headphones phone call accessories & supplies 로고

Sony WH 1000XM4 Canceling Headphones Phone Call Accessories & Supplies

Well, I certainly knew what kind of model I was taking, so I put the following points in a comment and not in the minuses. For its price, the sound is of course good, of course, but there are cheaper ones with such a sound. Here the sound is combined exactly with almost uncompromising. Here and bluetooth, and quality, and noise reduction, and most importantly - very soft and light. I tried to use it once for competitive shooters - it doesn’t fit, but it didn’t have to, of course)) so for fun - these, for shooters - wired with virtual 7.1. The color is excellent. And beautiful, and not easily soiled. The set as a whole is normal, everything you need, only the cable for wired connection is a bit short. It is clear that this is not the main form of their application, but still, it would be nice to have a normal 1.5-2m cable, so that you can sometimes connect by wire.전체 리뷰보기

huyun privacy shutter protects logitech accessories & supplies 로고

HUYUN Privacy Shutter Protects Logitech Accessories & Supplies

As a webcam, the Logitech C920 seems to work well when used for its intended purpose for face-to-face Skype calls. Communication with a subscriber 700 km away from me was good, the remote subscriber liked the picture, there was no twitching, the movements were relatively smooth. I was 70-90 cm from the camera. That is, at the normal distance from a 21.5-inch monitor at which it is usually worked. The camera design, focus and depth of field are optimized exclusively for this purpose. If someone has a much larger monitor diagonal or there is a need to communicate with a large group of people and you have to sit more than 1 meter from the camera so that the whole crowd can be seen, then everyone will no longer be in focus and there will be inconvenience. I personally don't want a sharp image this close (3cm to 80cm). I much more need a sharp image in the range from 20cm to 250cm. from the lens. Then it would be possible to use the camera to shoot videos and photos at home, and it would also be possible to comfortably sit in front of the camera with three or five of us and communicate normally via Skype. But with the existing depth of field characteristics and blurring at the edges of the image, shooting photos and videos becomes completely meaningless. Communicators shoot better. Bottom line: the use of the camera is too narrow even for Skype, the picture quality is not impressive even at close range, the declared functionality for shooting video and photos is a hoax. The red price for this camera is $20, not $100.전체 리뷰보기

sandisk extreme compact memory sdcfxps 064g x46 로고

SanDisk Extreme Compact Memory SDCFXPS 064G X46

I stood in the video recorder, which I used once or 2 a week, you can say a gentle mode. At 1 moment the recorder began to freeze, an attempt to format the memory card did not give any results. The site says a lifetime warranty, since there was a check, I started calling service centers and everyone refuses. I contacted the official representative, they do not mind replacing (at first they said that the flash drive was not intended to work in the registrar), but I need to send it by registered mail with a track to Moscow and I will additionally have to pay for mail with whom they cooperate with ups, it seems thats what they call from Moscow to mine at home. It will come out at a price, it’s like buying a new one. I will continue to use it in the microsd registrar of the transend company, which worked for 2 years and lay on the shelf. In general, the dubious quality of this life-long flash drive.전체 리뷰보기

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