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Boomm Marketing & Communications

I have worked with them during my tenure at The Art Institute of Chicago, where they were responsible in creating our first branded experience as well as working closely within internal communications across multiple departments; it was an exciting time! They are extremely knowledgeable about their field while also being very relatable which really helped me feel comfortable when we started building out this new initiative together -- from brainstorming ideas all through launch day/weekend (which is what you need!). It's been great having someone who knows so much more than myself be able to guide along side help create something fun and engaging - especially since there wasn't another branding firm around here like theirs until now :) We're still getting used to how everything works but overall everyone has done amazing work making sure things run smoothly throughout each phase leading up to launching officially into production mode next week!!전체 리뷰보기

dashclicks 로고


The user interface of this tool makes it very simple as well interactive which helps in generating leads quickly with ease by integrating various tools like Facebook Ads Manager etc., It's also helpful when you have multiple campaigns running at same time so that there won't be any confusion or mess up while managing them from dashboard itself! I haven’t found anything negative about dash clicks yet but if anyone has then please let me know because i am always open minded towards new things!! We are using Dashes Clics mainly due its simplicity & quick results we get after few days working together w/o much effort required! 전체 리뷰보기

nextleft 로고


The team at nextleft helped us develop our brand story through video marketing strategy for influencer outreach campaigns as well! They are creative problem solvers who understand how digital media works in today’s fast-paced world of social networking platforms such Instagram & Facebook (and other networks). We highly recommend this agency if you need someone knowledgeable about all things related online presence management/marketing strategies or want help creating your own branded videos from scratch - they can do it!! Their fees seem high compared some others I have seen but their services definitely justify them so far which makes me feel good :). 전체 리뷰보기

yellow 로고


Yellow has changed our way of thinking with how to plan projects and keep our ideas going. Before I know it, every time I was using a different font or formatting and had a hard time finding what I am looking for again. Yellow saves the day. Their updates are the best so easy to use and keeps you organized. Nothing that stands out, but everything is great! It keeps me connected to my thoughts and ideas whenever I need them. Just give this software a try and you will love it. For now it is the best method in which we organize our minds and get our projects done. I like that Yellow can be used by multiple departments and that you can customize the look and feel to fit your company's branding. I dislike the way the software is set up. It's very difficult to find anything without using the search bar. I would suggest using a different software to make your work flow easier. We are using Yellow for brainstorming, project management and tracking of all tasks. It also helps to keep track of our budget.전체 리뷰보기

dunami 로고


It's great for any kind or size business! We are able use it as well in our home office with remote employees working from anywhere across North America at once while still having access via VPN connection back into headquarters (website management). I wish there was more advanced features like tagging/labelling but we have been happy so far using this platform. The product works very efficiently when used together wih other marketing platforms such as Hubspot & Salesforce Marketing Cloud - which makes life much easier since everything can be managed within one system instead of multiple tools scattered around different places.전체 리뷰보기

strise 로고


The platform is very easy to use, it has all of my data stored so I don't have any issues keeping track or managing information for different clients at once! It's not as customizable if you are looking into using specific tools like Zapier but that doesn’t mean there isn;' be anything wrong wth them either way!! If your interested check out strisetools - they offer more customization than what we need right now while still being able keep everything organized together through one place.- Easy accessability- Good price point compared other competitors (such an Xero)- No monthly fees required by us since our small business does most things online anyways. 전체 리뷰보기

digusign 로고


The main feature that I like is its ease of use as it's very user friendly for everyone who has no technical knowledge about this kind of software or service. It also provides an easy way to verify documents without having to go through too many steps which can be time consuming especially if they are long process papers such as contracts etc. Since there isn't much information available online regarding their services (which makes me feel bad), i would recommend reading more reviews from people with similar problems so that one could have better understanding of what to expect when using digusign's product/service. This will help them make decisions before actually signing up for anything since some companies oversell themselves by offering unnecessary features while others offer nothing at all hence making users think twice whether to sign-up for something they don't even need.전체 리뷰보기

arc - digital commerce platform 로고

ARC - Digital Commerce Platform

The ability to see all of our inventory, not just what we're selling but also where it's located in the warehouse. It has been really helpful for managing orders as well as shipping them out efficiently! I wish that there were more customer reviews available so other buyers could get an idea about how this platform works with their business needs. We are able to track everything from order fulfillment to shipment tracking. This is extremely beneficial when trying to keep up with multiple vendors who ship via different carriers or have differing turnaround times because once you input your information into one system, they can be used across numerous platforms seamlessly. 전체 리뷰보기

gandhi international shipping, inc 로고

Gandhi International Shipping, Inc

I've used them for more than 10 years now as an agency partner shipping containers between US/CANADA markets over oceans (Panamax). The only thing that sometimes causes problems or frustration it's their internal system which makes some processes slow when there isn't much traffic during certain hours but overall they're great! Their team always help us solving any problem we had even if its been months ago so thats something i really like about GISI!! Always reliable services no matter what time zone where working out side office location around all world wide. We use this business because at least 90% percent reliability rate while doing ocean freight shipments through Panamskippers container ship lines using sea waybill documents instead paper bills etc..전체 리뷰보기

veeam one 로고

Veeam ONE

I like how it is very easy to use this product without having any experience with other products in its category. It's also great that you can easily customize your dashboard by adding or removing items such as backups, storage devices etc. As an IT admin/support person at my job, using VEEAMONE has made our jobs easier because we no longer have to look up information from different places which would take time if needed. There are some features i dislike about VEEAMPINE but nothing too serious just minor things here and there. For me personally what makes VEEPOME so useful is being able to see all current data points regarding servers health status across multiple locations (both local and remote) along with giving us alerts when something goes wrong. 전체 리뷰보기

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