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Coinomi is a cryptocurrency wallet that has been in service for 6 years. I store my ERC20 ethereum based coins in this wallet. It is a wallet that attaches great importance to cyber security. It has a large number of users, but its popularity has decreased in the last 1 year. This is because competing wallets offer lots of promotions. Unfortunately, Coinomi is a bit behind on this. Other wallets offer many conveniences such as free transfers and gift tokens. But coinomi is also a bit insufficient. It will be useful for coinomi if occasionally distributes gift tokens.전체 리뷰보기

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About Switcheo

Although it is far behind its competitors now, it is a promising project. Transfers between Ethereum, neo and eos and referral earnings are available. It is a project that interests me a lot, but unfortunately it does not have enough users. It is a long-term, future-oriented project and the clearing system takes place on the DeX network. The reference system is nice and logical, but not enough on its own. It's a platform that will soon become popular if they act wisely. 전체 리뷰보기

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Wrapped Bitcoin

It is a coin I purchased from the Bitfinex platform. Provides a link between bitcoin and ethereum. It is a highly liquid and secure currency, has a high transaction speed. The transparent policy they followed impressed me a lot and made me think positively about this currency. Providing the opportunity to convert from WBTC to bitcoin is also an important advantage. Coins that can be purchased for investment purposes are beneficial and promising. Wrapped Bitcoin that can be purchased for investment purposes are beneficial and promising. 전체 리뷰보기

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It looks like an interesting project but the number of users is very small. Project owner does not give enough space to promotions. More promotions need to be distributed so that the currency can be sufficiently promoted. Listed by several exchanges but I don't find that enough either. In short, this project has to go a long way. They can make free distribution to their users by making free mining on the website. There are some projects that managed to get their names heard in this way. It's not a dream for nectar, I think they can make it.전체 리뷰보기

latoken 로고


It is an exchange I joined to receive airdrops. Frequently, new cryptocurrency is listed on this exchange. However, the transaction fee is very high in this exchange. The number of users on this site is quite high, but everyone uses this site to receive airdrops. Free trade is not possible due to very high transaction fees. The stock market will become more popular if the transaction fees are reduced a little more. Also, users have concerns about cybersecurity. 전체 리뷰보기

uphold 로고


BAT is a wallet frequently used by token collectors. It has a very easy interface. It has not created any problems during the shooting process until today. There is a somewhat disinterested customer support team. Unfortunately it requires authentication and this is something we never wanted. It is very unnecessary and wrong for us to be forced to provide our identity picture and personal information for wallet use. They need to remove kyc verification if they want them to have more users. This is a wallet, not an exchange.전체 리뷰보기

paribu 로고


It is one of the stock exchanges I use most often. There is a customer support team that returns within 1 minute. They offer a quality service. The transaction fee is ideal and the site is easy to use. It is a site that attaches importance to cyber security. There are 3-step security options such as 2fa, mail confirmation code, mobile confirmation code to protect your cryptocurrencies. The number of users of the exchange is quite high, so your buying and selling transactions take place in a very short time. In general, it is an exchange that I like very much, but it also needs to follow and develop the innovations of its competitors. I believe they will achieve this because it is a nationwide leader and has a quality team.전체 리뷰보기

presearch 로고


It is a site that allows you to earn precoins per search. It is a very useful site. It has gained trust thanks to its smooth payments for years. Precoin value is constantly falling, not increasing enough. Enough is not supported by the stock exchange. It needs to be supported by more exchanges. Anyone who wants to trade cannot access this currency because it is listed on very few exchanges. Ads and promotions need to be done. Precoin officials started out with a good idea, but then they became a little uninterested. If my suggestions are followed, he could make significant spikes. 전체 리뷰보기

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About MyEtherWallet

Myetherwallet is the cryptocurrency wallet I use occasionally. When you do not have access to your phone, you can store cryptocurrencies through the web browser. The Myetherwallet site interface is very complex and not sufficiently developed. This site should have a simpler interface. I cannot say that I am very pleased with the transaction fees. In addition, the number of coins used by myetherwallet is low, it should support more coins. I am sure that if the site officials make improvements, it will reach more users. 전체 리뷰보기

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Metamask is a cryptocurrency wallet that has become popular very quickly. It is currently one of the most used wallets. It has a simple and clear Menu, it is easy to use. Provides the use of a cryptocurrency wallet by adding a simple plug-in via the Google Chrome browser. Your cryptocurrencies are securely stored but the gas is too high. It is urgently necessary to reduce transaction fees. If it continues to charge high fees this way, I am considering turning to alternative wallets. Metamask wallet runs a little slow and opens late, authorities need to solve this problem.전체 리뷰보기

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