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maxell cassette vhs c adapter 290060 로고

Maxell Cassette VHS C Adapter 290060

This review is one of two (probably). I made a big mistake with my timing and when I tried to use this converter the left hand roller that ejects the tape is missing and there is an obvious broken piece that moves but does nothing. Thus, the tape is only pushed out from the right side. The box the adapter came in was completely sealed and there are no casters or parts anywhere. and paid $0.80 more than the first one I ordered and paid an extra $3.99 to have it here tomorrow. Revain wouldn't replace him for some pathetic reason. If the item works and does its job I will update this review. ---------------------- -----Second review. A new Maxell VHS-C adapter arrived today. It was the same product but the packaging it came in was newer (I think). This item did not have the broken part that my first one had and this item worked great. I only had to convert about 1.5 hours of video to 3 cassettes, but it worked. For the price it was worth it. It is very cheap and not intended for the impatient. 1: Make sure the tape is not slack. I don't know what they mean by "sagging", but this step won't hurt. Insert your finger into the VHS-C tape gear hole and slowly rotate counter-clockwise until you feel resistance. 2: Insert the tape slowly and carefully into the adapter, pushing evenly, then you know what should happen (VHS-C cassette door opens) and that the tape is flush with the adapter.3: Close the adapter door SLOWLY with both thumbs and even pressure. Note that there are two rollers that pull out the VHS-C tape and pull the tape out of the VHS-C cassette. Do it SLOWLY if there is a problem, never use force. A 4/5 product for the price. If it was $50 it would be item 2/5. that there are two rollers that pull out the VHS-C tape and pull the tape out of the VHS-C cassette. Do it SLOWLY if there is a problem, never use force. A 4/5 product for the price. If it was $50 it would be item 2/5. that there are two rollers that pull out the VHS-C tape and pull the tape out of the VHS-C cassette. Do it SLOWLY if there is a problem, never use force. A 4/5 product for the price. If it was $50 it would be item 2/5.전체 리뷰보기

macro solutions group. llc 로고

Macro Solutions Group. LLC

Their customer service is amazing! They helped me find my lost phone case in which I had misplaced it at home for 2 days. The staff member was very friendly with us throughout this process as well. We were able to resolve the issue quickly without any hassle or inconvenience. My last experience working with them has left nothing but great memories so far. It would be nice if they could offer more payment options other than only credit cards (I know their business model requires this). Our main goal that we're focusing on right now is finding ways to improve how much money flows through Micro-payments into nonprofits organizations, such as UNICEF. 전체 리뷰보기

zapnito 로고


The best feature of this tool for my business was how it helped me connect with people who are looking to purchase products from companies I work w/ or have built relationships withe them in person at trade shows etc! This has been such an amazing benefit since we don't get many opportunities like these anymore! Sometimes when responding back through email takes forever but they do respond quickly sometimes within 5 mins if you're lucky! Nothing really because everything works as expected so far which means there's no complaints!! We've used other platforms than zapnitos before (mainly LinkedIn) and didn' t find what we were searching for until now. I like how easy it is to use and navigate. It's also very helpful for all of our social media needs. The only thing I dislike about it is that you can't just have one account. You have to create separate accounts for each department or person. If you're looking for an easy way to keep track of your social media posts, this is the best option out there! We are able to post content to all of our social media platforms at once with Zapnito. This helps save us time since we don’t have to do it manually. 전체 리뷰보기

spice technology group inc. 로고

Spice Technology Group Inc.

The tool provided us everything we needed - it was easy to use, they were always available when I had questions or concerns about functionality, pricing structure etc. Support team very helpful (and fast). They did not have any features we required at this time but are willing to look into additional options as our needs evolve/change during implementation process. If you need an ERP system then go through them first! You wont regret your decision once you experience how well designed system performs end user tasks seamlessly without hassle. We used spice tg group's integrated eCommerce solution called "spiceXpress" which handles all aspects of order entry management including product catalog/inventory along with back office functions such as accounting reconciliation. 전체 리뷰보기

wisemapping 로고


This was a pretty simple website and my experience with them has been great so far. After filling out the form to request an estimate for their services, they sent me a detailed email outlining exactly what they would be doing for me, and how long it would take. They're super friendly, responsive, and efficient. I had some questions after the initial email, and they replied immediately and provided more details about what they'd be doing. It took about a week to get the website live (which is a little slower than I expected), but once it was done, I couldn't believe how beautiful the site looked. The site looks amazing and feels even better! I've recommended them to multiple friends already, and I'll definitely continue to do so! 전체 리뷰보기

ghost filters 로고

Ghost Filters

I love how easy it is to use, once you get used to navigating around the filters they have an almost infinite range of filters available! I wish there were more filter choices (but not too many) so that I could always find something new to see! Would love for more filters to be added in future updates. This app is perfect if you are looking for something different to spice up your day. It is so much fun to look through all of the different options and try them out. Also the ability to view the filter before purchase is great when trying to figure out which one suits your needs best.전체 리뷰보기

issuu 로고


I like how it allows you make your own book cover if needed; you can put pictures easily inside each page; easy-pease upload photos from phone or camera directly using its app! There's not much about this program that i don't really enjoy so far but maybe sometimes when adding too many pages would slow down loading time? Try first before paying monthly fees if possible because there were no problem yet until now :) uploading pdf documents with images/photos etc., also editing text & font style at will What I like best about this software is that it's easy to use,it's very simple to upload documents and pictures and you can also edit them if needed. Sometimes there might be a problem with uploading certain types of document or photos so we need to fix it before publishing it. As always having multiple ways to get through with our tasks is great. This software allows us to easily share information. 전체 리뷰보기

objective gov365 로고

Objective Gov365

Objective Gov365 is a great platform to communicate with my colleagues in other provinces. It also helps me to manage my tasks, appointments and activities. When I created a new account for Gov365 I could not find any video training for how to use it. It is important to use a platform that can be used by my staff, it helps to save on time. My colleagues in other provinces are more friendly with Gov365. I like how easy it was to use this software for our organization with all employees in different states/countries! It's very intuitive once you get used too but there are some things which could possibly make using easier such as having more specific icons or colors when typing so its less confusing if someone else uses your computer while working from home etc.. We're able solve problems quickly because we have access through any device anytime anywhere (even outside work hours). 전체 리뷰보기

heal 로고


The main features I like best are the ability to monitor applications and the ability to have alerts to let me know when things are not working as expected. I dislike that we have to rely on the vendor to provide a working version of the software. For a long time, we would receive an outdated version of the software and it would be very difficult to use. We are solving problems with the accuracy of the data, and I am able to send alerts based on the accuracy of the data. I am also able to monitor applications and see when things are not working as expected. 전체 리뷰보기

yahoo small business 로고

Yahoo Small Business

I like how they have many different features in one place so you don't need separate apps or devices just go where your friends are! Sometimes when i am logged into my account at yahoo its not showing me all of what is going with other accounts which can be confusing sometimes but overall great service if used correctly!! They give out free credits every month as well. You also should check them because there services could change over time depending upon their needs/business growth etc.. The best thing about this program was getting help from people who actually had experience using social media platforms such us Facebook & Twitter I like how simple this software is because you can see everything at one time without having multiple windows open up in front of me! There are several things which could be improved but overall its an amazing product with many great features!! It has helped my client tremendously by allowing her access from anywhere she might need help through text or email (she lives out side) as well allows us both ease when we want/need some support during our day jobs together. 전체 리뷰보기

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