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Color Shifter

Hello society, today we are talking about a simple crypto game. It is a Color Shifter. The game made by Vishan Studio looks like it was made by a beginner. The point of the game is to change the background color so that the ball does not get in the way. Now the game is desperate graphics, the buttons are not responsive enough, the levels do not exist. The prizes in the form of crypts are very small and it is not worth spending time on this game. The idea of the game should be a simple game with crypto rewards, but the developers did not succeed in that. The game is made only for Android and IOS platforms.전체 리뷰보기

exoplanets 로고


Exoplanets review.

Hello everyone, in this review I will introduce you to a new space game based on blockchain. The point of the game is to explore exoplanets (planets outside the solar system). Players can buy and sell exoplanets and build a civilization on them. When your planet reaches the level of space technology, you unlock a trip to other planets and thus continue exploring the galaxy. The goal of the game is to buy your exoplanet. Be faster in that, the game is connected to NASA's databases and there are only 3700 planets discovered by humanity. After each exoplanet purchased, their prices rise.전체 리뷰보기

dragon heroes tactics 로고

Dragon Heroes Tactics

Hello guys, today I briefly present the multiplayer blockchain game Dragon Heroes Tactits. The game is made only for Android and IOS platforms. The type of game is an RPG and a strategy similar to the original game of the same name. Dragon Heroes Tactics is one of those games that takes a lot of time to achieve some concrete success. You need multiple shards of the character to level up, runes are universal so you can't make unique builds for characters, there is no login bonuses, pvp is whoever paid more, account level is dependent on how often you leveled your characters and you can't switch voice language unless you change the entire language.전체 리뷰보기

athlos fitness 로고

Athlos Fitness

Hello everyone, today I will briefly introduce you to the most popular sports equipment store in Canada. It's Athlos Fitness. A shop specializing in the sale of gym equipment, fitness, exercise from home and other body work equipment. The store is based in Vancouver, Canada. I liked the large offer of equipment from different manufacturers. The prices are more than correct for the Canadian market. On the site there is the possibility of creating an account that remembers your interests and recommends products for you, there is also the option of a wish list for future purchases.전체 리뷰보기

espresso capital 로고

Espresso Capital

Espresso Capital has provided over 230 early and growth stage technology companies with founder-friendly capital since 2009. It offers lines of credit and term loans to enable entrepreneurs to grow their businesses without dilution, board seats, or personal guarantees. Its mission is to keep founders in control with fast, fair, and flexible capital. Although our business has evolved over the years, many of our founding principles remain the same. That includes our commitment to being founder friendly. We believe that as businesses scale, they need a financing partner that works like they do. For us, that means being fast, fair, and flexible, while delivering the best experience possible.전체 리뷰보기

fortunejack 로고


Fortunejack is online casino. Only crypto is used for gambling. The platform contains the following gambling games: Slots, Table Games, Video Poker, Dice Games, Live Casino, and Provably Fair titles. Fortunejack uses top software providers. The site is fairly well optimized, typical of a gambling style and easy to navigate. The menu contains a lot of options and it is quite easy to choose the game of your choice. Players from any country can play at this popular casino. Fortunejack is fully licensed by Curacao like remote online casino.전체 리뷰보기

iqeon 로고


IQeon review.

IQeon is a European startup company developing the cutting-edge technological products in the sphere of Gaming and Blockchain. Company is registered in Estonia. IQeon is gaming platform for PVP battles. IQeon include games, applications, services based on intellecutal competition between players. Project is on open beta phase. IQN digital asset is supported by digital wallets, such as Metamask, TrustWallet, Atomic Wallet, imToken, Freewallet, and also by Trezor hardware wallet. A player with the highest score in the game of the week gets 5 IQN.전체 리뷰보기

safex cash 로고

Safex Cash

Safex cash review.

The development of the Safex e-commerce platform is nearing completion. The end product will be an application that will list all the products ready for sale, whether they are physical or digital products. Also, it will be possible to list the services, and of course charge everything in safex cash. This application will be user friendly not only because of its simple and intuitive design but also because it will also contain a wallet with a safex token and safex cash, a chat for users, and the marketplace itself: therefore, all integrated into one appliance. This way, everything the user needs will be in one place and they will be able to shop quickly and easily.전체 리뷰보기

bitpay usd 로고

BitPay USD

Bitpay review.

BitPay, on the other hand, is very secure. The service provides back-end payment processing, as well as the possibility of embedding the 'Buy' button, so that site owners can integrate the service without any problems. There is also support for mobile devices - for payment on the go. Security comes with the fact that BitPay receives bitcoins and pays “real” money into its clients ’accounts. That is why they do not have to worry because they get money, that is. they earn in the way they are already accustomed to. By the way, the founders of BitPay invested their $ 100,000 before proving the investment in order to prove the concept, and only then did they manage to gain the trust of investors. As another key argument BitPlay singles out the fact that Visa spends a billion dollars on fraud prevention. Bitcoin has no need for anything like that.전체 리뷰보기

nft 로고


NFT Digital Panini

Non-Fungible - The token behaves like a cryptocurrency - it exists on a blockchain, it has value, it can be traded. On the other hand, it is visually striking enough to be better called NFT creation or even simpler NFT digital assets. NFT is not just a digital image, NFT can also be video, montage, meme, thumbnail, card, game item and so on. These tokens are characterized by uniqueness - just as a work of art can be unique. There are also partially unique tokens, but also those that are more, but are limited in number. Among others, this is a feature that significantly affects the price. NFT is also indivisible, this token cannot be divided into halves, or into several parts, but acts exclusively in its entirety, unlike, for example, bitcoin.전체 리뷰보기

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