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etz timesheets 로고

ETZ Timesheets

The customer service is simply amazing, they are always willing to help, even if it's something as simple as asking how to access a file online. Sometimes this can be a bit tricky to figure out but their support team is fantastic. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to start using timesheets. They were able to create some reports which were very useful for my day-to-day tasks. It was great being able to have a centralised system and being able to transfer information easily between departments. Their support team also did a lot of customisation work for me. 전체 리뷰보기

dutchy brand strong tether built 로고

Dutchy Brand Strong Tether Built

I've been bitten by "universal" buckle harnesses too many times when my dogs unhooked them or got stuck in their receivers. This cable eliminates both of those problems. There is no possibility of accidental detachment, but it will not be difficult for a person to detach it from the attachment point. The tether fabric on this one is also about 2x thicker than the tether fabric I'm used to, so that's a plus too. There is enough wiggle room to make the necessary adjustments for my 50-60 lb dogs. The maximum usable length is approximately 24 3/4 inches, so be aware of how this will work given the location of the attachment point and the size of your dog. On the other hand, it is "reduced" to at least 15 1/4.전체 리뷰보기

gifts for women 로고

Gifts For Women

Wasted Kobe

As soon as I peeled off the sticky tape the lid fell apart. It looks like cardboard. Looks very cheap, is cheaply made and falls apart. So upset!전체 리뷰보기

popetpop rack acrylic aquarium enhanced suction 로고

POPETPOP Rack Acrylic Aquarium Enhanced Suction

The stand itself is nice and good quality but the suction cup is terrible. It wouldn't have withstood the weight of an empty shelf for more than 10 minutes. I use my extra magnetic cleaner to keep it in place, no problem now.전체 리뷰보기

bonka bird toys plastic cockatoo 로고

Bonka Bird Toys Plastic Cockatoo

Strongly Excellent

I have a very destructive Green-winged Macaw. He can destroy things very quickly. Supposedly indestructible dinner plates are AWESOME. Perch are eaten. . I had to look everywhere for toys for him to play, tap, shake. He can do all that and more with these balls. He pulls her, shakes her and bangs her against the walls of his cage. He tried everything he could think of to destroy these orbs and failed. Thank you for a very durable toy.전체 리뷰보기

popetpop costume halloween christmas cosplay 로고

POPETPOP Costume Halloween Christmas Cosplay

Well worth the money. Background and info on my pup: She is a 14lb Malshi, she is long and usually wears a small dog sweater, sometimes medium depending on length. It is so long that the sweaters are usually shortened slightly. However, based on previous experience with this type of suit and the reviews already available, I bought her an XL size and it fits perfectly. My dog has hip dysplasia and arthritis in both hips. She's being treated for both, but lately she's finding it hard not to feel the pain. We already had Stitch's suit and it was the only thing that kept her whole body warm to keep her comfortable, so I bought a few more suits to serve as her full size sweaters. She HATES it when you undress her, but not so much when you put her on. However, when it's on, she's so warm and snuggly, she's probably as happy as she's been all winter ❤️전체 리뷰보기

kz dq6 earphone 3dd bass hifi earbuds in-ear monitor noise cancelling music sport earphones(gray 로고

KZ DQ6 Earphone 3DD Bass HiFi Earbuds In-Ear Monitor Noise Cancelling Music Sport Earphones(Gray

I really like the KZ headphones. You get many benefits from their products. Sometimes you just have to find what's right for you. I'm a drummer and have tried a range of headphones for IEM and general listening purposes. I started with a pair of Infinity headphones (not at all suited for IEM use) and then switched to the Shure SE215. They were great for a while and I switched to a three driver Westone UX Pro 30 pair and honestly didn't notice much of an improvement over the Shure I had. Here's the thing about headphones: The type of earbuds you use is almost as important as the headphones themselves. Sometimes this can change the sound quite a bit. When I started buying KZ headphones, I couldn't hear the Shure 215 anymore, the sound was too harsh and narrow for me. KZ has much more depth and soundstage. I started with FTA and then AC6. From there I switched to the ZS 10 Pro and these are my favorites so far for use in IEM. These are actually my backups from a pair of Westone AM Pro 30's that I've been using (triple drivers with surround ports so you can also hear people talking on stage). When I saw the DQ6 I decided to give it a try. Especially for the price and they have three dynamic drivers. So I ordered a set. I had just had surgery when they arrived and had plenty of time to play with them. I hooked it up to one of my laptops, used the factory rubber tips and off we went. As a drummer, I LOVE low frequencies. Bass, kick drum, low synths and guitars. I just love it. To say I wasn't initially impressed would be an understatement. Too many high frequencies. The mids weren't too bad, but the bass didn't impress me at all, but I could tell it was there. This is where tips come into play. When using my earbuds on stage I always use foam earbuds because they usually keep the earbuds where they belong in my ears. They also add low frequencies and control high frequencies. Once on my feet I found a set of foam tips and tried them again. Doesn't matter! is it $27 Suddenly there was a lower limit and now they do a great job listening to videos and such on my laptop. Needless to say, I'm still not a fan of rubber earbuds. In summary, I don't think you can go wrong with these for under $30. Is there a better one for this price? Possibly, but I will keep my KZs as I have never had a problem with any of their products.전체 리뷰보기

2 pack reptisun compact fluorescent watts 로고

2 PACK ReptiSun Compact Fluorescent Watts

I have never had to write a review like this but the quality of the product just received makes me warn others before buying from this seller (Luving Pets). I bought a set of 2 lamps, excellent value for money. I opened the bulbs packaging and was shocked to see that they weren't wrapped in bubble wrap. Then both separate reptile drawers were open and I could just pull out the bulbs? I was still hopeful, but my fears were confirmed when I pocketed them and saw how boring they were. the one on the left is particularly weak and flickers. I screwed them both in (pulled out my heat bulb) to show you guys how bad they are and the difference between the two of them.전체 리뷰보기

petalive pancreas booster capsules 60 count 로고

PetAlive Pancreas Booster Capsules 60 Count

Difficult to give

We just started giving my kitty yesterday so how effective I have to go back to follow up. My almost 17 year old cat contracted pancreatitis in December and we are working to get her out of the acute stage. I hope this will help keep her from chronic exacerbations. We have switched her food to what our vet recommended, but it is dry food. My issue with this pill is that cats and dogs weighing less than 20 pounds are recommended to break it up and halve it twice a day. Most of the reviews I've seen are from dog owners, and the only cat review was here on Revain, where the person said their cat can't process that much at once, so we only wanted to do 1/4 twice a day of this one Moment. My problem is that I have to open the capsule without spilling the powder everywhere. And then when I open it up and pour it into anything (be it 1/2 or 1/4), how do I store half a capsule full of powder so it doesn't spill all over the place? Even if I can't give her a pill and have to give it as a powder, that's a problem because my cat eats solid food. The suggestion in the instructions is that I can mix it with their soft food or treat. she has pancreatitis, so we don't risk giving her treats at the moment. We tried powdering her solid food and although she was obviously hungry she didn't eat. So at the moment we get them to eat something if we mix something with water and then soak their solid food in it, which can take more than 30 minutes for the food to be ready for them. I don't quite understand why they can't make smaller capsules for small animals OR if you say I need to deal with powder just sell it as powder instead of letting us deal with capsules.전체 리뷰보기

products whistle barking ultrasonic rejection 로고

Products Whistle Barking Ultrasonic Rejection

The first photo shows an ultrasonic whistle. The second photo shows "4 packs" of normal dog whistles. I only received 1 normal dog whistle. This seller is misleading. Buyer Warning.전체 리뷰보기

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