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abolai basic jacket button style3 로고

Abolai Basic Jacket Button Style3

Got this cute outfit for my twins first birthday photo shoot. The suspenders were too long. You can adjust the length at the front but not at the back of the braces which was an issue. I modified/shortened the back of the suspenders by folding the bottom strap and sewing a few stitches that worked. The shorts fit. The shirt was a little big, uncomfortable and had gaps between the buttons when they sat down, so they swapped it out for a collared polo suit. The bow tie has an adjustable drawstring with snap button closure. I didn't mind that the tie was black and the shorts were navy blue.전체 리뷰보기

solocote metallic jackets fashion festival 로고

SOLOCOTE Metallic Jackets Fashion Festival

A little thin

We bought this for the Tin Woodman costume and it worked great! It was a bit thinner than I expected, hence the 4 stars. It doesn't wash well, but I didn't read the washing instructions.전체 리뷰보기

tronjori sleeve button woven yellow 로고

Tronjori Sleeve Button Woven Yellow

Need shirts for school. Locally overpriced. Other brands had sleeves that were too short or shoulders that were too broad for my skinny child. That was great. I have ordered in several colors. I didn't like the all-white buttons, but they still worked.전체 리뷰보기

tucch case for iphone 12 mini 5g 로고

TUCCH Case For IPhone 12 Mini 5G

The TUCCH line of covers is great. They are durable and have ample room for 3-5 credit/debit cards and a slot for multiple dollar bills. The magnetic latch is strong and will never open accidentally. This is my 5th case and each lasts over a year before showing any signs of wear.전체 리뷰보기

columbia glennaker jacket black medium boys' clothing 로고

Columbia Glennaker Jacket Black Medium Boys' Clothing

My eldest has just started kindergarten and we go to school every day, so I ordered him this raincoat and boots for rainy days. We should try it at a meeting with the teacher and he loves it! I considered others with cute designs but went up a size and chose the Columbia so it would last a few years and then we could pass it on to his younger siblings. He likes the color and it fits well. He is a big kid and almost six years old. I bought him a size 8 and it should fit him next year (we had to roll up the sleeves a bit but I like the length of his body at the moment). I particularly like that it is just a shell and there are no layers of insulation. We live in Texas and it rains a lot in the heat so I wish he could wear this on warm rainy days without overheating. We are very happy with the jacket and now my son looks forward to rainy days when he can wear his cool blue jacket!전체 리뷰보기

deespace fleece collar pockets 3 12years 로고

DEESPACE Fleece Collar Pockets 3 12Years

Nice sweater

sweater true to size. The fabric is very soft and feels comfortable. It is well made and sewn well. It's very comfortable and keeps my boy warm. The fleece is very gentle on his skin. The zipper is secure and works well. Has medium sized pockets.전체 리뷰보기

twisted leather lace up driving moccasinss boys' shoes and boots 로고

Twisted Leather Lace Up Driving Moccasinss Boys' Shoes and Boots

The gift is perfect

This was ordered as a gift, the recipient told me she wanted it. Ordered, sent immediately. When it arrived the recipient was happy as it was exactly what she wanted and fit as expected.전체 리뷰보기

thinking outside boombox justin ellis 로고

Thinking Outside Boombox Justin Ellis

There is so much wisdom packed into the pages of this book. Justin speaks to his audience in a way that resonates with young people. This is not a book full of traditional dogmas or quick fixes. This book is filled with the kind of knowledge that people crave but cannot find in the places we typically seek it. Hence the apt name. We cannot keep using our old ways of thinking to solve new problems. This book offers you new approaches to these problems and can open your mind to the solutions that have always been within you.전체 리뷰보기

m2c hooded full zip windproof fleece 로고

M2C Hooded Full Zip Windproof Fleece

I bought this jacket in summer for some places we traveled where it was windy and rainy. My son didn't need it so a few months later when he really needed it we found the zipper was broken. Unfortunately we couldn't find it at home and my poor little fella REALLY needed a jacket with a zip - he can make all the other jackets himself but not this one - it took me at least 8-12 tries to get the zip teeth open. grab it right only to have him come 10 minutes later and crack her. I really like these coats, every one of my girls has one -!. I've already bought a replacement - so far so good. *BUYER TIPS* Try the zipper on several times while the return window is still open. I don't even know how to contact the seller about my problem.전체 리뷰보기

musou digital optical converter adapter accessories & supplies 로고

Musou Digital Optical Converter Adapter Accessories & Supplies

This is an updated overview. After it didn't work at first and came back, the seller contacted me and explained the features of the device to me. This is a well-made device that works as advertised when your Blu-ray player is set to PCM audio. I tried several of these devices, most of which were cheap plastic. Crafted from combat, it feels sturdy and does exactly what it's supposed to do. While I don't know too much about how Dolby and other conversions are supposed to work, this unit does exactly what it says on the tin and lets me listen to Blu-ray and DVD right in your hair through my old analog stereo. I think the seller is very grateful for working with me and helping me understand what the device is capable of and how to use it properly. I would buy this device over any other if you just need a simple conversion like I did.전체 리뷰보기

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