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Review on BitClub by gregori cordova

$ 722 million was the sum of this Big scam system

With the rise of cryptocurrencies at the beginning of the past decade, many users were amazed at the amount of profit they could make, but at the same time most did not know how to do it. Mining companies came out on the market to offer an easy solution for future users to make profit from the comfort of their home, without making much effort, only paying monthly fees that were not very expensive in some cases. In the midst of all that boom, a mining pool called bitclub emerged, in which customers could buy a stake in bitcoin mining with fees of less than $ 100, where it was assumed that with that money they would acquire high-end computer equipment. power and speed to create the new blocks of the bitcoin chain, and be rewarded for it. According to its creators, basically, they offer "machines that print money", since daily dividends in bitcoin were paid to their users.

Its main promoters Matthew Brent Goettsche and Russ Albert Medlin ran a huge marketing campaign to promote their company, and many were spellbound by the alleged testimonials of exorbitant user earnings that were displayed on the web platform, Something That Looked Like the Best Roadmap from home, as once a customer paid a $ 99 sign-up fee and at least, they could sit back and wait for their rewards for years. But as we already know in these types of companies that promise huge profits, not everything is as it seems and soon everything begins to collapse. In the course of a few months, complaints began to rain from people who were not receiving the promised profits, and who were simply blocked from the platform. A scandal also arose, because one of its owners was accused of having committing serious crimes before

For five years, this company made huge profits, while many clients lost huge sums of money and by the end of 2019 they had cheated more than 722 million dollars from their users. When everything came to light and the SEC began to do its investigations, its creators fled justice. This was undoubtedly one of the biggest scams of recent years, and in which thousands of people around the world lost their entire life savings, just by trusting a company that promised to make them rich in a short time.

Pros & cons

  • nothing positive
  • They promised riches to their users in no time, which was a potential scam from the start
  • They blocked many users when they invested money in the platform without any explanation
  • Its creators were scammers and had even been accused of serious crime before
  • Conversations came to light in which they planned to fake it during the first days of the project to attract more users and they did a big marketing campaign to find inexperienced investors taking advantage of the bitcoin boom
  • For 5 years they committed all these scams, and there were people who were left bankrupt because they invested all their savings in the project