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Review on Mining City by Fanuel PORPORTY

What is MiningCity?

MiningCity is a Bitcoin mining project, in other words, people will invest in digging machines to earn bitcoin daily, then you can hoard or trade for profit. The role of investors in the Mining City project is: invest in pure interest (small investors) or build a business system (for managers).

Mining City will provide mining equipment, technology and maintenance to improve the performance of Bitcoin mining and at the same time help investors reduce management costs. MiningCity sets itself apart from other mining pools by its numerous partnerships with reputable companies in the Bitcoin mining industry.

Pros & cons

  • Various partnerships with mining giants such as bitmain (the most influential company in the Bitcoin economy thanks to the computing power or the higher hash rate they control), Minebest
  • Team DEV of Ming City is also not anonymously but completely present, it is also one thing I feel secure
  • Very present in Asia and the USA
  • affiliate program
  • Income is shared between minors.