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Review on Whalesburg by Yenkelys Barcenas

Whalesburg. A smart mining pool.

Whalesburg is a cryptocurrency mining platform, created to solve the situations that miners face daily in their operations. This platform offers a software package that aims to improve the experience and profits of cryptocurrency mining. Its creators explain that the company's strategy is based on the services of providing detailed analysis and providing analytical data to the miners in their equipment, betting on market leadership.

The lack of transparency, the difficulty of choosing the currency to extract and the difficulty of tracking the state of the hardware, prevents mining from being efficient and can generate the benefits that all users seek, as is normal, all miners have in common investing significant amounts on your hardware and consequently worry about your profits. Whalesburg is committed to reducing the work of the miner and consolidating its platform with a software package that opens up a range of quite attractive opportunities for miners, solving common problems, offering an automatic exchange between currencies, even without operator intervention. Through its own algorithm to switch between compatible currencies, and generating greater benefits for all its users. Its creators detail that it is not about magic but about constant work in innovation and technological investment, which can control the operation of operations within safe limits, as well as the connection of up to 10 facilities (RIGA) to the software, guaranteeing effective work and total control of the process. It is also important to mention that the miners will pay for the use of the group in an amount no greater than 0.45%, the rest will be free.

In short, Whalesburg is shown with an ambitious project, a proof of concept (POC) for process control and miners benefits, which aims to provide security, an exceptional user experience and instant scalability, which is measured by a Group work in which profits are divided proportionally among the miners in the group, Whalesburg efficiently manages the total hashrate of the team of miners while ensuring that everyone gets maximum profitability.

Pros & cons

  • It promises to improve the experience of miners and guarantee the benefits of the equipment.
  • It is the only mining platform that allows you to change from one currency to another.
  • It allows the selection of the most suitable currency to extract.
  • It offers additional benefits for the inclusion of users.
  • It only requires payments for rights to the group, the rest is free.
  • Requires equipment with good support and performance to support whalesburg technology.
  • It is a relatively new platform and the only removable coins supported by Whalesburg at the moment are ETH, ETC, UBQ, ELLA, EXP, PIRL.