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Review on Aegeus by Akga A

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My review to day about the project Aegeus

Aegeus is one of those undertakings that guarantee to carry news to the market, trying to take care of any normal issue that it presents or essentially bring novel thoughts. For this situation, their methodology was bound to fabricate a decentralized climate, utilizing the abilities of IPFS and Blockchain innovation to store and disseminate information in a totally secure manner, since right now there are numerous issues that emerge with regards to having low a decent defend for our reports in light of the fact that the greater part of the frameworks to store information today have a few detriments and disservices. For instance, while putting away information on our PC, any client can acquaint noxious infections and attempt with take our data, with only a couple navigates the web there is likewise the issue of putting away them on a hard drive or pendrive, on the grounds that whenever we could lose them. Cloud stockpiles, for example, google drive could be an answer, however this sort of framework isn't decentralized since your information is put away on the organization's workers and they could get to the information, alter it, and even erase it.

It is in this issue that aegeus, proposed to offer an answer, through the association of 2 incredible frameworks, for example, the blockchain and the interplanetary record framework (IPFS) which is fundamentally a distributed organization, which is made when at least 2 pc are associated without the need to go through a different worker. Fundamentally, this association permits making a very secure biological system to store documents and send them securely, since while transferring a record to the stage, the document is encoded and must be gotten by the individual with whom you need to share it, similarly as the cryptographic money moves on the blockchain that we know, however for this situation with records.

It was a decent task, expected to give secure arrangements, yet shockingly its designers were for the most part fledglings and the undertaking fundamentally stalled out toward the start, since they didn't have a whitepaper or they did missions to draw in financial backers intrigued by the venture. Because of this, the task was dispatched available yet in a beta stage with an extremely helpless interface that didn't draw in the consideration of numerous clients and the digital currency related with the stage never had any development in any Exchange, which prompted the undertaking being deserted. .

  • They offered to tackle an issue for the capacity and sending of records in a protected manner through the blockchain, similarly as we send cryptographic forms of money now, yet tragically the task didn't succeed.
  • Not yet

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