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Review on Basic Attention Token by Sir lordwin Ruzol

Honest Review as a User of Basic Attention Token/Brave

I have been using Brave Browser since November 2018 and this is one of the most promising Crypto-currency today because of its simple design were every user of the Brave app would earn Basic Attention Token. According to the Founder Brendan Eich (creator of the JavaScript programming language/co-founded the Mozilla project) every user who would be Watching Brave Ads would earn at-least 70 BAT per year. Also on top of that, a Brave App User would Receive Token Grant which can be used to tip to a certified Brave Publisher. As of today(June 17, 2019) Brave App is top 4 in the most downloaded app and this is because of their referral Grant where every used referral link would Earn at-least 5usd worth of BAT. Brave and Basic Attention Token would revolutionize advertising in the internet world as well as in the Crypto Space. The most interesting part of Brave/ Basic Attention Token is their commitment that they would be giving 70% of advertising revenue to the User.

Promising Project

Currently Brave is developing a project called Brave nightly. Brave nightly would enable a Twitter account user to send Tip to another Twitter Account user. This is another milestone to Basic Attention Token since we all known that twitter is one of the most used application for Crypto-curreny believer. This is still on beta testing but this would be the start of Social-media Tipping powered by BAT.


Brave publisher might use the Tipping Grant for self Interest. Such as sending tips in their own Account. Another problem is lack of transparency to tipping System. Currently the tipping Systems for Brave is completely anonymous. There is no way to know who and much Tip was Donated to a certain publisher.

Another minor-con on this project is, Asian Countries still don't have access to Brave ads.


Basic Attention Token/Brave would revolutionize advertising to a new level. It will empower every user to earn not like in the current advertising system were the user are some what abuse.

Pros & cons

  • Earn BAT Token by Just Watching ads
  • You can give tip to your favorite Publisher
  • Brave ads still not Available in Asian Region
  • Confusion about the Token Grant