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Volume$ 23,793.92

About CRYPTO20

Crypto20 is the first tokenized crypto index fund, which tracks the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap autonomously using blockchain technology. Each token represents an investor’s share of the underlying assets. The tokens are directly connected to the value of the underlying assets via the smart contract.

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CRYPTO20 for strategic investors

CRYPTO20 (C20) is a fund portal that provides information on the top twenty cryptocurrencies. This will allow those who want to invest to have benefits in terms of the ease of the market and the…See more

Making it simple for anybody to claim an assorted crypto-portfolio.

It is ready to set another norm for cryptocurrency investments. As a straightforward, secure and directly asset connected TAAP, It intends to bring low-charge, expansive market openness crypto…See more

Crypto20: a digital portal for financial information of the top 20 cryptocurrencies

Crypto20 is a digital portal that provides relevant and continuously updated information on the top 20 crypto assets that are traded on the stock market. Its mission is to consolidate a portfolio…See more

C20 price analysis

The crypto20 currency price performance has been good in the past month and has grown by 34% in the price (USDT Rate). C20 is currently ranked 272 in coinmarketcap, but given that the most…See more


Crypto20 thanks to its blockchain technology becomes the first tokenized crypto index fund and in turn works with the top 20 cryptocurrencies, its platform management is very simple thanks to its…See more


Basically it is a platform for tokens which allows you to carry out various operations. CRYPTO20 is focused on keeping the most important and used cryptocurrencies in its market, there are…See more


This is one of the most important companies in its category since it uses the most used cryptocurrencies to carry out transactions, which allows customers a wide range of possibilities to use the…See more


This company is one of the important slabs in the cryptocurrency world since it is one of the most used worldwide, all people have a higher level of benefits since it is used by the 20 most valued…See more


This company is one of the first most used in the cryptocurrency market and that is why it makes it one of the most important. Investors who work with this broad platform have many benefits such as…See more


Crypto20 is ideal for short, medium and long term investors. it is invested in the first 20 crypto assets, it has a limit of 10% per week imposed by the rules. This platform is ideal for…See more