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About Datawallet

Datawallet is your digital wallet for your online data. It allows you to ... Datawallet gives you the option to securely store your data yourself, or let us do it for you.

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Take Back Control of Your Data While Earning Extra Income.

They are not going to be able to stop other firms from collecting customer data from other sources after all, there will be many users who don’t wish to sell data or not sell enough data to satisfy…See more

guaranteeing the faithful compliance of your data management

With the use of the internet, the use of data in a massive way emerged in parallel. However, they are not always used legally and safely, sometimes they can even be handled unscrupulously. To lessen…See more

Datawallet (DXT)

Datawallet (DXT) is based on a large data storage platform that manages a wide ecosystem and works with blockchains, to offer maximum security, trust, privacy and data protection. Datawallet (DXT…See more