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Review on DigiByte by Debbie Ferguson

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The first good piece of news they brought to the crypto community were news of…

The first good piece of news they brought to the crypto community were news of DGB getting listed on DX.Exchange. The project is also community driven as its members are long-term DGB holders. To show their commitment and belief in the project, they have set up a fund for marketing activities to which they already donated 30 thousand DGB tokens.

  • Project’s biggest saving grace is its superior blockchain. Highly scalable and ultra-fast, it offers performance that puts it among the market leaders in this segment. While Bitcoin takes up to 10 minutes to create a single block, DigiByte does so in 15 seconds. Its transaction throughput is also superior to Bitcoin, as it clocks 560 txps (as opposed to Bitcoin’s 7). It is also extremely safe, as it employs a 5 mining algorithms-based system named MultiShield which is dispersed across a network of 200 thousand computers all over the world. Theoretically this completely eliminates the possibility of the network being hit by a 51% attack. Innovations like DigiShield, MultiAlgo, DigiSpeed and SegWit complement the previously mentioned MultiShield. A lot of things do imply that DigiByte developers had their eyes on the future and have positioned their product to challenge the Bitcoin’s throne, when the time for it comes.
  • Alongside good inner development, there are solid outside factors supporting the project. It was recently named as one of NASDAQ’s blockchain projects for the future, calling it a project “to bet the house on” and increasing its image in the eyes of holders and potential new investors. Harvard and MIT hosted the DigiByte developers and gave them a chance to spread information about the technology behind their blockchain. DigiByte has long been criticized for a lack of concerted effort on the marketing field but it seems that a solution for this has been found as well. DigiByte awareness team (DGBAT) was recently created with the goal of raising awareness about the project and getting new investors on board.

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