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Review on EDUCare by Fabrizio Zampieri

The founders main objective is to create an online education blockchain…

The founders main objective is to create an online education blockchain platform. In order to achieve a fair and transparent ecosystem, the EKT platform and altcoin have been built with a focus on intellectual property rights as well as the inaccessible nature of expensive education resources.

EDUCare is an online education community that creating a model that equitably rewards both the content providers, referrals and the end consumer. It will serve to increase transparency, trust and collaboration.

Founders team assert that possess resources to reach out 20 million app users, 600k active community members, 100k teachers and 10k education organisations.

AWM language was lauched on the platform. This language has been released for the sole purpose of peer to peer communications within the EKT platform. It is set to improve the DApps building within this ecosystem.

In 2018 EDUCare has signed an important partnership with INK lab (announced on twitter) that takes mutual benefits. In particular, INK which is in charge of reforming original content for application in different cultures posts content through the EKT platform as blockchain gains popularity. Furthermore EKT benefits from this cooperation since INK will help establish technical standards for protection of intellectual rights.

EDUCare can count on a professional team with work experience of Baidu, Alibaba, British Telecom, CCIC and education background of Peking University, Stanford University and Israel Institute of Technology etc...

The chain of learning is based on the online educational community of the distributed intelligent blockchain chain of Ethereum, which has unprecedented community characteristics by leveraging advanced blockchain technology."

EDUCare (EKT) is an ERc20 token based on the Ethereum platform. EDUCare has a current supply of 1 billion EKT with 450 million EKT in circulation.

EKT is among the cryptocurrencies that have been launched in 2018 and managed to get to the top 400 cryptos within a span of three months (487 current market rank).

EKT is tradable on Huobi Global, Bit-Z and BigONE exchanges.

Pros & cons

  • - Interesting and innovative project especially in medium-long term. - Focus on intellectual property rights. - MainNet already available and running. - Professional and well skilled young team (Baidu, Alibaba, peking University, British Telecom work experiences). - Strategic partnerships.
  • - Project currently underscored on principal reviews platforms so it's very difficult to find news and updates. - Official website written in Chinese language only. - EKT current quotation understimated.