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Review on EXMR FDN by Benaiah Akinlade

EXMR FDN: Allaying peoples fear towards digital currencies

When we consider any transaction on cryptocurrencies or blockchains, we often times put certain factors into consideration, such as speed, convenience, low operating fees, security, control and transparency of transactions. All the aforementioned considerations are due to the fact that the main problem of transacting cryptocurrencies is the misuse by people with fraudulent intentions as a result of the high level of anonymity of transacting cryptocurrencies, it can be easily used in money laundering and terrorist activities.

EXMR FDN (Ethereum Monero Foundation) is an ERC-20 token of the Ethereum blockchain. It is the official token of GetCryptoPayments (which is a payment gateway that allows the integration of a wide range of crypto tokens that enables merchants to receive payments in a safe, quick and cheap manner) and Buoystocks; a cryptocurrency trading robot that efficiently handles simultaneous transactions at once.

The main objective of EXMR FDN is to integrate developers that are very passionate about the blockchain technology and to encourage people to make online cryptocurrency payments and Fiat service through the GetCryptoPayments platform and at the same time allay peoples fear towards digital currencies.

EXMR foundation offers laboratories that creates dapps and projects. It has a comprehensive Payment gateway system which includes:

1. Merchant tools for cryptocurrencies

2. Swap between tokens

3. Secure cryptocurrency wallets

4. Fiat services to make all transactions on the platform instead of patronizing other platforms

5. Exchange integration through your API so you can instantly trade your crypto

6. Integration with e-Commerce plugins

7. Point of Sales

The EXMR FDN developers are currently building EXMR FDN’s own cryptocurrency exchange called Vipex including a proposed plan to launch a dapp that will allow you to send your crptocurrency tokens through your Gmail account.

EXMR FDN (the native token of then foundation) is a low-risk crypto token, that can be easily used by new people in the cryptospace. The token has a total Supply of 18 million coins and a Maximum Supply of 75 million coins.

Pros & cons

  • The token has a strong community followership of more than 3,000 followers on Twitter and 12,000 on Facebook and more than 10,000 members that are connected on all the Telegrams groups.
  • EXMR FDN currently have impressive projects such as; Trading Bot Services (Buoystocks), Crypto Payment Gateway (GetCryptoPayments), Transactions enabled through Gmail integration, and Centralized crypto exchange (Vipex)
  • None at the moment