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Review on Ignis by Stephen Toluwani

The Ignis project comes with a lot of Ground breaking achievements in the Crypto Industry

Ignis is said to be the Main Child Chain of the Ardor Ecosystem. It's through Ignis that the Ardor Main Chain is being run because it's on Ignis that Multi-signature Accounts can be configured and many other Ardor transaction features are embedded in Ignis. The Ignis Child Chain comes with a lot of features that truly support the Ardor Ecosystem for the creation of other Child Chains, this can be seen in it's Lightweight Contracts; Other Child Chains can be created via the Ignis Child Chain using it's Lightweight Contracts. The Lightweight Contracts comes with a good feature, i.e a broken or malicious contract cannot affect or harm the whole network. Other features of Ignis includes:

1. Privacy: The privacy feature of Ignis is by so far my best feature of this project. Ignis achieves this privacy feature of hiding transactions made by an address through it's coin shuffling algorithm which allows users shuffle equal amounts of tokens into newly initiated recipient accounts without showing any connections to the secure account. Another Privacy feature of Ignis is encrypted message sharing which can only be accessed by a third party using an encryption

2. Data Cloud: The data cloud or file storage feature of Ignis is used for storing small amounts of data like documents and picture files along with it's dedicated archival nodes, there is cryptographic proof that these data's are not tampered with

3. Bundling System: Dapp Developers can program their Child Chain code that groups it's child chain transactions into a transaction on the Ardor Main Chain and therefore sponsor the transaction fees of its users through the Bundler System feature available

Being a Child Chain of the Ardor Main Chain, all the features of Ignis can be accessed via the Ardor wallet made available for every user. Ignis really beats a lot of crypto projects in it's multiple use case and integrated features. It's really recommended for it's Privacy feature and Bundler System. There are many other features one could access on Ignis as it's specifically made for creators and every day 

Pros & cons

  • Privacy featuring a Coin shuffling Algorithm that keeps transaction and amount of coin held in a wallet anonymous
  • Features Lightweight Contracts. This is a nice feature that means malicious contracts cannot harm the whole network
  • Data cloud for storing small bits of Data
  • The Bundler system allows Dapp Developers to sponsor the transaction fees of its users
  • Lightweight Contracts for Dapps and Child Chains can be created using Java
  • So far, I couldn't identify any negative aspect of this project.