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Review on Iungo by José A Rodríguez

IUNGO Nework: Undefined Purposes for Providing a Decentralized Internet

Having a wireless internet provider born from a decentralized network is one of the most relevant topics in the blockchain world. The real fact is that many of these companies trying to offer their services never reach a true goal, and all investment executed on it is part of a bigger scam. Such is the case of a blockchain wireless provider that has been becoming scalable thanks to promising benefits, but the truth is other.

Iungo Network is a blockchain service that has been developing a wide set of multiple tools, and resources to guarantee they can help individuals and companies to have better internet connectivity through the service they provide. Until now, the company has developed a complete plan of resources that cover products like a wireless router, and test for routers connection. The products from this company can be added for almost every public service completing the world like cafes and hotels, restaurants, institutions, shops and retail stores, and other well-known places of common usage.

The fact is that these services are seen with minuscule detail and can be optional because they are great, but the company provides little information about the transactions executed or the real coverage their product could have. They go decentralized, but all the things they offer also do it. It means, not private and financial shields can protect the user against fraud. Iungo counts with a security layer that boosts better services for the company, but not their customers.

What is more, if crypto-holders and general investors need another reason, Iungo has a poor partnership established with little known companies that have little years of experience in the market. The financial services behind the company cannot back up the investments as others do it.

In conclusion, I highly recommend not to trust in the services provided by this company. I've no been directly affected, but there are even thousands of complaints due to lack of attention, service, and inactivity. The company provides low information that does not cover their real purpose to be in the marketplace.

Pros & cons

  • A wide set of wireless internet services to cover every area in public and private spaces.
  • Short information in the official platform that does not include facts like guarantee, the value of the financial movements, volume, certified security, and other areas.
  • Unreal protection and decentralization for the internet.
  • Unreliable partnership with services that are yet to provide their trustworthiness in the market.