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Review on Mcashchain by gregori cordova

A great example of perseverance that has brought good progress to the industry

Every day there are projects that come out to the cryptocurrency market offering a series of advances and innovations to allow more users to enjoy the services they bring to offer. Because most of these projects seek to improve the disadvantages offered by more veteran projects such as bitcoin or ethereum, there are many that fail to reach their goal and do not fulfill their mission, but there are also others that bring certain advantages, which they do. that many users pay attention to them. The Mcashchain project is one of the many that aims to bring these innovations to the market, integrating all the positive aspects of the blockchain that we know and trying to improve the disadvantages they present, and so far it is very well on track. This project allows the creation of high-performance dapps, at the same time that it makes it possible to send micro payments in a fast and secure way, highly scalable and without a transaction fee, something that has definitely attracted many users. It has only been on the market for a little over a year and there are many satisfied users as they can find a wide variety of very competitive services on the same platform.

Their cryptocurrency (Mcash) can be mined without being a great expert and without requiring powerful hardware and This entire process is possible since it works under an innovative Delegated Proof of Stake Votingsystem (DPoSV) consensus mechanism which is one of the most democratic systems in the industry and It consumes much less energy and communicates with other nodes on the network, maintaining a constantly updated network. With this mechanism, blocks are generated every 3 seconds with a reward per block of at least 10 Mcash for the first 2 years of the project. In addition, the reward system can increase up to 115 times more, each time the node level increases, something that could help create a more solid ecosystem in which users are encouraged to stake more Mcash

It really is a very well developed and super organized project, with clear objectives that they have achieved perfectly, and that you can visualize in a high-level whitepaper.

They have recently managed to be listed on Probit Exchange, one of the most reliable on the market and have made a partnership with the Revain Platform, in which users like me can be rewarded for writing reviews about this project and others .

Pros & cons

  • A wide variety of unified services on a single platform
  • Not charging commissions is one of its greatest advantages and is ideal for traders
  • Its web interface is very nice and comfortable, and easy to understand.
  • Uses a top-level consensus mechanism that allows better rewards to its users
  • The rewards per node level can attract users to stake mcash, creating a more solid ecosystem
  • The cryptocurrency continues to rise and is gaining position in the market
  • They still need to do a good marketing campaign because it is not a well-known project in Latin America for example
  • They should allow more languages on the platform