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Review on MMOCoin by francis fernandez


The name MMOcoin refers to a robust virtual platform, possessing its own blockchain and its own private wallet; to easily carry out transactions without third-party intervention, performed in just a few seconds without the need for tedious confirmation processes. Its transactions are characterized by their speed and high level of security, since they are stored in the block chain and have their character of auditability before their users.
An additional contribution that this platform makes to the crypto assets market is that it offers an additional TRUST attached to the market that will make the process of the cryptographic industry safer and more protected.
Among the products it offers are virtual assets and services for the majority of MMORPG users.
MMOcoin is a platform that allows its users to use the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and MMOcoin as a means of payment for multiple services, such as: game services, blockchain services, logo and graphic design, article writing, cryptocurrency education, among others

Pros & cons

  • Offers an extensive range of services to its users
  • It has a wide list of merchants willing to sell their products on its platform.
  • MMOcoin has blockchain technology, where your transactions are stored and can be easily verified
  • It has an Guarantee Deposit policy that offers peace of mind and confidence to its buyers and sellers.
  • It allows its users to make purchases online from the comfort of their portable devices or computers, through its website or portable application, with expert recommendations that guarantee a rewarding shopping experience.
  • Despite its notable and significant contributions to the crypto market, its platform is still a project in development with many premises to cover.