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Review on Nano by ismail karasahin

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A very fast, cheap and valuable altcoin, what about security?

Nano coin, formerly known as XRB coin, has been following the raiblock platform since it was first released. Thanks to this platform, an altoin that has reached huge masses on a global scale, has also started to attract high liquid investors as it gained popularity in this way.
Let me tell you my reservations about this altcoin before moving on to the ones I like. In 2017, large amounts of Nano coins were stolen from an Italian-based exchange with a high volume of this coin and the stock market claimed that the nano coin was due to the security vulnerability, I lost about $ 1500 in this robbery, so I have some reservations in terms of security for this altcoin.
However, although a small number of exchanges are also traded, the exchanges where they are located are the exchanges with the highest volume of the crypto money market. This makes it easier for them to find investors and for people to reach this altcoin. By investing in this altcoin, I made very good profits when it rose.
Likewise, it has very low transaction fees as the initial exit purpose is small amounts of rewards. Therefore, it is preferred as a payment method by many sites and applications.
Apart from these, the team behind this altcoin is constantly developing and updating its technology, which means that vulnerabilities and innovations are constantly being improved.
As a result, this altcoin has a special place for me, it is a fast, cheap and easy to access altcoin, but as I mentioned at the beginning, I have some reservations about security.

  • The exchanges it is traded in have high trading volumes
  • a fast and cheap altcoin as transaction fee
  • Easy access for investors
  • There is an up-to-date and innovative team behind it.
  • I have security concerns for this altcoin

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