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Review on NavCoin by Özgün A

A very complex but useful project

NavCoin is a crypto money project created with blockchain technology.

NavCoin's website supports seven languages. The website's interface is very useful. NavCoin focuses on reducing the cost of cryptocurrencies with its web3 algorithm.

It uses the technology called "Low friction payments" designed for fast, cheap and secure peer-to-peer payments.

NavCoin offers users the opportunity to produce innovations without permission.

Some of NavCoin's features are;

1) Carbon Neutral Payments technology

2) Possibility to do very high transactions per second thanks to network scalability

3) Special privacy procedures developed by NavTech

4) Transactions are processed within 30 seconds (This feature is not real. I have used it many times and there are no instant payments)

5) You can perform your transactions using a QR code.

6) Money is completely under your control.

Wallets supported by NavCoin are as follows;

-Navcoin Core, NavCash, NEXT, Magnum Wallet, NavPay, Coinomi, NavPaper ...

With NavCoin, you have the right to vote. The more NavCoin you hold, the more you will have a say in the system. You can earn passive earnings thanks to the reward programs.

Pros & cons

  • Multi-encrypted wallets that multiple people can access
  • You have the right to vote and your future is in your control
  • Has developer-centric communities
  • You can digitize money
  • The system is really hard to understand