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Review on Neo by Halil Eren Kılıç

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An evolving coin is NEO

Hello, today I will talk about my NEO investment. Since the day I entered the crypto world, my biggest regret has been for not taking NEO. Because when NEO was first launched, in 2014, its value was only $ 1. So if I bought it at that time, I got rich now, so my biggest regret was not taking NEO. But I learned from this mistake and got some NEO, albeit late, because NEO has a forward-thinking and progressive team that focuses on the future. That's why I think NEO's future is bright as well as its past. One nice thing about NEO is that when you invest a certain amount of NEO, you get NEO gas. Therefore, it is one of the reasonable coins to invest in. NEO I feel very lucky to be able to access NEO, which is listed on the world's largest stock exchanges, from any exchange. This project was created in China, so it is not known much in the west, in Europe, I wish it was popular enough in Europe and more people invested.
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  • Has a good team
  • Listed in the world's largest stock exchanges
  • It is developing very fast.
  • Not popular in the west

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February 03, 2021
It is a cryptocurrency that I love a lot and use a lot. There are points where you are right, but you wrote a review with incomplete information on many issues. Therefore, if you add new information when you update your review, you will inform us with more up-to-date information. In addition, if you talk about new events and new features, you will make me happy.
January 22, 2021
Neo is the best for me because i earned a lot of money from it. It increases every time and i loved it because the useing of it is very simple. Thank you for you information i will read all your reviews every time

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