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Review on PhoenixDAO by ismail karasahin

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New payment system in applications with digital identity

This token is an altcoin distributed by the application for your achievements in mobile gaming, the levels you passed and the tasks you completed.
Currently, it is used by 5-6 applications, you usually earn for the achievements you get in games and you can trade them on the stock markets.
The exchanges it is located in are large and sufficient, but in terms of stock exchange diversity, it is currently listed in 4 exchanges, although the exchanges are high-volume exchanges, there is a situation that restricts users to learn and use.
In addition, DEFI project, which provides authentication and storage, which can be called a digital identity that prevents fraud and fake accounts.
Since it is an ERC-based alcoin, I can say that the transaction fee is a bit costly, but in the case of free earnings, this cost is covered by the implementation and project management itself.
It also provides a digital identity for applications, making it a safe option for new applications that are already on the market and want to renew themselves. This shows that it has a very large application market and an important economic cake. The future of the project will be bright if the team behind it tries and works. However, I cannot say that they have a very active team in social media and internet, for now they only serve their own application projects.

As a result, a very successful project in terms of the area and market they chose is suitable for development and is traded on bulky stock markets. The problem is that they do not have a very active team and are traded in a small number of exchanges, making it difficult for people to learn and use.
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  • economic width of its category is large
  • Provides integration for both new applications and old applications
  • The token value is preserved as application owners make bulk purchases
  • Exchanges are reliable and their volume is high
  • Advertising and promotion teams are not very active
  • There is little variety of exchanges listed
  • Transactions are fast but somewhat costly