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Review on PolypuX by José A Rodríguez

Polipux: The Most Effective Blockchain of the Social Media

Because of the great scope the digital world has on users and their consumption. Every day more and more programs, protocols, and solutions come to the virtual stage and are partnered to a leader guide in all of the resources available, the social media. This is a section that has been integrated into practically everything users can think about. From healthy sectors to the industrial ones. And now, with great support into finances, it is becoming a more reliable source for executing all transactions and growth through the recognition to their users. 

Is for that reason that Polipux is perhaps the most effective blockchain of the social media since the very beginning has been providing specialist support to it but also receiving it. Some things I like from this platform are how is organized, and the simplicity of the digital platform in which researchers can explore. How it generates incomes are through the users' interactions in the stage. It works differently from the hose platforms focused on reviews because it depends more on how to promote the best strategies to trust and invest in a company. Of course, the viewer's likes are of great help, but the first motor of contribution comes from the resources the platform offers. 

Even more, this service works for everything and it can be a good partner for those individuals looking for raising more success in their projects as well as those big companies wanting to integrate the professional partnership of other companies. The best thing of all this is that after belonging to the company, it gives rewards in their coin to all users. It is very practical to earn these tokens since they come thanks to every substantial comment or like. 

The roadmap of this blockchain is very clean and offers a clear view of their future. It is very unique how they promote it since it is not established in the platform, but included in their whitepaper. That makes it more professional. In short, I offer some lines where I highlighted the importance of choosing to work with this company. 

P - Social Platform for the Social world. It is a blockchain server with great dedication and support as part of their mission. 

P - High chances to link accounts and receive more representation among projects. 

P - Cooperative resources involving the help of users through their interaction. Earnings will depend on them. 

So, in conclusion, I like the future this blockchain is going to have because it has a great community, and brings the ideal support to their clients of growing up. Sincerely the team behind it are more than simple enthusiasts, but amazing professionals with great labour in the world of the network. I recommend it because it can be a good investment for this age of technology.

Pros & cons

  • Active blockchain with a great representation of technology and social media. It is an innovative way of producing incomes baked in a valuable cryptocurrency.
  • Open-source platform adaptable to any project existing. It involves all communities of individuals and organizations.
  • An innovative way of counting comments and likes to measure the value in earnings the users will receive.
  • Understandable program and content that explains the entire purpose of the company.
  • It can be easily used from a mobile device. It has an app integrated that works with effective quality.
  • The project is a recent release. It is still proving its effectiveness among the integration of different companies.