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Polypux helps you earn cryptocurrencies just by connecting to your social networks

If you are like me, addicted to social networks, I invite you to use Polypux. This excellent platform will help you generate passive income in your native PUX token. To do this, you must register and associate or link your social media accounts to…See full review

Interview PolypuX

I registered to PolypuX yesterday to review. The site aims to earn you money by connecting your social media accounts and following people. In addition, you can gain some things to your social media accounts by advertising to you. However, I see…See full review


In my post today, I will talk about another project, PolypuX. This platform is a platform where you can earn money on social media accounts. After you register on the platform, you can connect your social media accounts. You can earn…See full review

A passive income platform built to earn rewards for social media taks

Polypux is a social media platform which use to rewards its users to complete social media tasks by linking their social Media tasks. Polypux currently allow use of limited Social media accounts to link to your polypux account and complete various…See full review

Blockchaine Integrated Social Media Project

Polypux is a blockchain-based project that I have been using for a while, to bring people to the forefront on various social media platforms. While such sites are available all over the world, for the first time, a blockchain-based site of this…See full review

Polypux is a crypto project based on social media participation

Polypux is a decentralized media platform that is meant to encourage social media usage. All users must own Instagram, Twitter and telegram account. Owning the account is not enough but the accounts must meet certain requirements. I realized this…See full review

Unknown features about PolypuX.

Although I have just discovered PolypuX, it is among the applications I like. So what is PolypuX? - here's the answer. PolypuX - It is a platform where we can manage many social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. As a…See full review

Will Baby Polypux Walk?

I am also a member of Polypux. It has been a few days since I signed up to the system. Beautiful in thought. It gives people the opportunity to interact on social media. You can both earn pux tokens by clicking the links left and you can increase…See full review

First decentralized social media network

Millions of individuals have been trooping through the social media for some time now because it is a medium that links individuals with their loved ones. Polypux is the first decentralized social media network that rewards users for their social…See full review


The number of people using social media worldwide is increasing day by day. Although the reasons people use social media vary, it is a common fact that they spend hours on social media in a day. Some use social media for fun, as a digital diary to…See full review