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Review on ROOBEE by Özgün A

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A project with many opportunities

RooBee is a multi-purpose investment platform created with blockchain technology, trading cryptocurrencies for investment purposes.
RooBee's blockchain infrastructure is very strong. Transactions are carried out quickly and efficiently. It has its own markets. You can see investment tools in these markets and you can earn passive income by investing in them. There is a direct investment opportunity in the system by credit card. This is a great convenience.
Some of the features of the RooBee project are;
1) Farming and Stakin can be done
2) Thanks to its advanced algorithms, transactions are made more efficiently and the amount of earnings increases.
3) There are lower transaction fees than many projects. Some transaction fees are very low.
4) NFT projects are becoming more popular every day. You can make NFT purchases through this system.
My favorite feature of RooBee is that it works in harmony with both Ethereum smart contracts and smart contracts on the Binance network. It solves Ethereum's scalability problem with its algorithms. It has many world-renowned partners and funders. This is proof that the project is promising.
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Updated 2 years ago
Rating has not been changed

RooBee has improved a lot since its first launch. You can stake on the master nodes, farm on the master node and earn profits. You can do this at a discount. You can earn NFT from RooBee's NFT event or you have a chance to get NFT for cheap.

You can create and manage a portfolio on RooBee. RooBee supports multipurpose BSC and ERC20 smart contracts. In addition, it continues on its way with larger partnerships with each passing day. Thanks to the key partnerships of the ecosystem, your portfolio will remain secure and you will be able to perform your transactions easily. It can also work integrated with cold wallets.

As a result; RooBee is a quality project that can survive in bad market conditions, and that enables the use of crypto money by spreading it to many areas.


  • I strongly believe that this system will improve because the development team's roadmap is very good
  • Compatible with offline wallets
  • There are many portfolio providers that allow you to easily choose among them
  • The amount of investment in the system is very low, which is an opportunity for small investors
  • -

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