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Review on Smartup by Emir Turgut


Friends, one of the projects I will tell you about this time is the Smartup project. I decided to take a look at this platform today. The public is not praising this project. I reviewed all the reviews written on this platform. But one or two of them praised the project in small amounts. Promising promises have been made about it, but I would like to point out that these are all tricks. Because you don't fall for that either. The goal of the project was to raise a lot of user funds by investing in notes but to no avail. The roadmap for this project was not updated in 2019 and there has been no change. As a result, the project was abandoned.

Pros & cons

  • At present, the daily trading volume of the note is zero.
  • many investors have decided to stay away from it as a listed stock is unreliable.
  • When the token was listed in a stock, its price was very high.
  • The creative team of the project seemed very inexperienced.