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impressive promises were made, but it's all a scam.

When the Smartup project was launched, promises were made that it failed to fulfill. However, as these promises seemed very impressive, they gathered many users. The aim of the project was to raise many user funds by investing in tokens. However...See full review


Friends, one of the projects I will tell you about this time is the Smartup project. I decided to take a look at this platform today. The public is not praising this project. I reviewed all the reviews written on this platform. But one or two of...See full review

The SMARTUP project is a user lock.

Cryptocurrency was registered in a currency exchange in Asia called a coin and was only accused of attracting investors. In particular, they have argued that they are joining a large list of well-known companies that are unaware of the sale of...See full review

It's astounding to attempt Smartup.

Surveys on this stage are consistently genuine - they mean to keep it that way. Accordingly, they screen, check and keep up all controls in AI and keep them in a note pad so that nothing is edited or contorted. You can perceive how it functions here…See full review

A few users are looking forward to it.

Developed in 2019, it is a global blockchain technology development program. Through this platform, traders and suppliers wanted to join the blockchain technology implementation plans, as well as the desire to create the world’s No. 1 blockbuster...See full review

Guarantees that won't be satisfied when the Smartup project is dispatched.

Smartup is known to have cheated constantly when you entered this task. This is on the grounds that the site is unavailable because of the absence of ongoing updates. The objective of this task is to put and gather more client assets. The guide...See full review

I would say this project is useless.

Smartup When this project is launched, it may be fraudulent and fraudulent. The goal of this project is to invest and attract more users. However, this seems to be very effective and seems to have managed to attract a lot of users. However, he did...See full review


Smartup is known to have cheated and cheated when you entered this project. This is because the website is out of service due to the lack of recent updates. The purpose of this project is to invest and to accumulate more user resources. The...See full review

this project intended to mislead investors with false data from the beginning

It was a project that sought to promote the development of sustainable, transparent and reliable Blockchain technologies around the world, created in 2019. Through its platform they sought to connect investors and suppliers with projects through...See full review

Stay away, Scam.

The first thing we can notice when entering their social networks is that they do not have recent updates, their website is out of service, when entering their telegram account we have a notification of inactivity by the administrator indicating...See full review