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Review on VeChain by jose gregorio almarza

My vechain

Vechain. It is a very different platform ah what we are used to seeing normally. This platform made the use of blockchain technology very different from the rest, since it uses the blockchain to provide its product towards business supply and full logistical control.

All this was thought and created to improve the handling of industrial products and facilitate and improve the speed of information being transparent and more secure when transporting values. This project has been in development for about three years, and has been highly successful in its services. Vechain already currently offers its service to large and prestigious companies and even government agencies in addition to also having agri-food companies.

Vechain is based on providing its business users with the monitoring of their said product to guarantee the control, authenticity and quality of their product, since it ensures that the authentic product is not lost at some point in the large supply chain and so make sure the customer receives the original product and doesn't get a fake one.

It also allows operators to control the product, for example when we talk about agri-food companies, there are foods that can be damaged in the change of a climate, and another vechain receives this information, which is transferred to their products, oh user, and thus gets better handling of your merchandise.

In addition to the supply chain, this service is also useful for the logistics industry. Since, there are companies that have their own production control system, where managing and managing all this personally can be a problem, vechain has an intelligent chip where you only have to scan the product to obtain all the information, and thus manage to discard time lost in the logistics industry to system accounting.

This prestigious futuristic platform has up to two tokens, which are VET and THOR POWER. Where thor power was created at the time the platform made an adjustment to the brand name change recently as vechain thor blockchain which now with this new name offer a newer and improved service that is based on a platform not only for the industry in its logistics if not now you can count on dApps something similar ah bitcoin, ethereum and other platforms.

Vechainthor brought with it on its blockchain apart from logistics control but is also available to the creators or developers of dApps.

Pros & cons

  • This distinctive and outstanding silver has enabled large companies to significantly reduce logistics expenses by making it easier to handle their merchandise and their exchanges in the global supply chain, making the product shipped the same product as received.
  • Vechain tokens are fully commercial and exchangeable having one of the highest values ​​in the crypto world and acceptable in most digital wallets, this can be exchangeable with bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and many other cryptocurrencies.
  • The combination of vechainthor has given it significant advantages compared to other companies operating in the same field, since, apart from offering logistics services, it can also be used for the development of dApps.
  • there are many companies that are self-conscious about having vechain services due to their high cost in their cryptocurrencies