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Review on YENTEN by Victor Nnamah

Yenten YTN: a CPU coin.

Operating and participating in the activities in the crypto world on blockchains has earned me a lot and it has been fun also. I would like to discuss one of my wonderful experiences in cryptocurrencies, Yenten.

Yenten, YTN, is a cryptocurrency with a very interesting trade. Yenten really gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the crypto world as It is also a minable coin, a CPU coin, as it can be generated by mining process, not just any kind of mining but CPU mining. It operates like the Dogecoin if not that its own mining process is CPU only and it's not an inflationary coin.

Altgough I don't mine but I really find this coin, YTN, as a very profitable one because for the past few months, I have been trading it profitably with much gain. It is available for trade on two active markets; Crex24 and GRAVIEX but as most preferred by me I use the Crex24 to trade my YTN by trading it for BTC. On trading YTN, transactions are fast, easy and safe also.

However, Yenten can only be stored on its official wallet which is only available on windows and doesn't have a mobile and hardware wallet to be stored. Moreover, Yenten has a good market capitalization and great community interaction and support, and also available on many social media sites.

Finally, I would advise you to make a proper research of its services to enable you choose wisely.

Pros & cons

  • Its price changes properly.
  • It is a minable coin.
  • Transactions are fast, easy and secure.
  • Its mining is CPU mining only.
  • It can not be stored on mobile or hardware wallet.