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Yenten is aims to reduce the waste of electricity by ASICs and CO2 emissions on Earth

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democratizing access to crypto mining

Coin mining is one of the most profitable forms of income today; due to the huge boom that crypto has unleashed globally. Not for nothing more and more investors are betting their capital on this…See more

Yenten YTN: a CPU coin.

Operating and participating in the activities in the crypto world on blockchains has earned me a lot and it has been fun also. I would like to discuss one of my wonderful experiences in…See more

YENTEN: is a project that presents a support in its mining section.

YENTEN (YTN): is a project that presents a support in its mining section, and seeks mainly to increase the level of income of users, considering the commercial scenarios that it currently has in the…See more

Yenten: This Platform has not Real Value for the Marketplace

Yenten is not taking seriously the fact of being a blockchain. It was designed with so much grace but little effort. The design of the web page is similar to the one in a blog for researching facts…See more

A cryptocurrency to explore the world of blockchain.

This is a cryptocurrency designed especially for GPU supported by the community, this being the main engine of this project. The main feature is the inclusion as anyone can mine this asset due to…See more