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a way to reproduce your digital assets

Both at the level of trading or investment method, and to improve our personal finances; we are always in search of increasing our capital and achieving better returns in different modalities or…See more

This project is a platform that has made great progress.

Taking advantage of individual developments, banks purchase certain financing costs, while borrowers receive YLD for each loan. In loan conventions using pools, the APY numbers of contributors are…See more

Yield provides a Decentralised Lending service that works with a difference

Yield seems to be quite new in the Defi space. I was expecting to see that this project was launched in October last year, which was dubbed the Defi Craze but they decided to sit it out and create…See more

Yield: offers a different business model, directly linked to the blockchain network.

Yield (YLD): is a project that offers a different business model, linked directly with the blockchain network, which makes its financial technologies can achieve a large number of commercial…See more

Fixed-rate loan services.

Project constituted as Dapps for loans in the Ethereum chain, provides a different system to other loan projects that focus on a money market, which to a large extent has limitations of control…See more

Yield help the farming and in the time of covid-19 pandemic.

yield farming is a platform that involves lending crypto currency. Now people will be saying that it sounds strange, yes but is very platform. If anyone who say he/she unlike the established…See more