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Review on Yield by Aygerim Begjanowa

This project is a platform that has made great progress.

Taking advantage of individual developments, banks purchase certain financing costs, while borrowers receive YLD for each loan.

In loan conventions using pools, the APY numbers of contributors are monitored to the extent that they can be obtained between stores. This means that the rate of return will change and decrease from one day to the next as the price of the stores increases against the purchased price.

With Yield, customers borrow and borrow in a separate house, which means that each has a contract to repay the pre-determined amount of money. This allows the borrower to determine exactly how much to pay and to know exactly what the borrower will get.

This is implied by the YLD symbol. When a borrower borrows, they can receive the YLD award after making a reasonable repayment that occurred before the offer was recognized.

The chart below shows that the borrower’s income can be lower than the various conventions after the value of the YLD premium is deducted. To be precise, the graph expects the price of the YLD to be very similar from the moment the offer or request is made until the award is guaranteed.

The YLD award is settled when a loan proposal or demand is met. This award is generally less than 1% of the premium price, but is equal to the highest point. This means that the price of the award, which is ready to be fully guaranteed 10 days after the loan expiration date, should change with the change in the YLD price. The borrower may decide to sell the proceeds after accepting the reimbursement or to retain the reward in order to obtain a later sale.

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