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Review on Zcash by Ambar Quintana

Review on Zcash

If we want to look for a cryptocurrency with a great capacity in confidentiality and reliability, then the best option is ZCash (ZEC); This has the best development in security and privacy with respect to transactions and other secure processes, due to an account with a decentralized open source structure, which therefore provides a selective transfer to all responsibility, it should be noted that the ZCash coin payments they are published on a public blockchain; however, the sender, destination, and amount data are clearly confidential, which are made through zero knowledge protocols (ZPK), that is, they are completely anonymous, later, they are responsible for the construction of the zk -SNARKs "Concise non-interactive knowledge argument of zero knowledge", which has as qualities; success: all your tests are very small compared to the duration of the actual process to create them; It is not interactive: there is no interaction between the parts of an interaction; Arguments: Every verifier is protected against computationally limited testers and Zero Knowledge: No one within the system knows the secret, they are only sure that it exists. However, despite the fact that it follows the same protocol as its Bitcoin counterpart, it has its own Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Now, speaking a little of its technical characteristics, we find that ZCash has addresses, one private (z addresses) or transparent (t addresses), that is; one, has the ability to protect information, and another, unprotect it, rather, it is an optional way for the user to want to display that information with trusted third parties, both being interoperable; apart, their expenses have costs close to 0.001 ZEC; are governed by the bank secrecy law, that is, it has the ability to send encrypted mems, ensuring compliance with the "travel" rule pertaining to this law, in addition to that, it gives owners full audit clearance in various beads dimensions. Finally, it is a cryptocurrency capable of providing its users with total comfort and security when performing any obligation in it, being one of the currencies in the digital economic market that has directly revolutionized innovation in the global, electronic drive and economic

Pros & cons

  • Provides complete privacy and anonymity
  • ZCash's scalability size is much larger unlike other cryptocurrencies, having this 2MB
  • If any problem occurs during the transaction, taking into account that it has not yet been processed, it is automatically canceled, and it is returned to the issuer without any problem, managing to avoid the loss of cryptocurrencies when the Blockchain is overloaded
  • Zcash supports transactions that require multiple signatures. This means that a transaction may require two or more parties to accept the transaction before funds are shipped.
  • I have nothing to say about it