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About Zennies

Zennies are a cryptocurrency using a decentralized network of computers to validate and secure exchange of value. Zennies enable sending and receiving of digital payments instantly and 100% securely resulting from the use of Zennies peer-to-peer network.

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I do not recommend anyone to buy the token.

I can say that I never trusted this project from the beginning, for which no information is shared about what purpose it is offered to the market and what kind of service it provides. Because there…See more

various options with blockchain

Since the existence of traditional banking, large gaps have arisen between private users and the financial services they can access; However, blockchain technology has implemented some financial…See more

ZENI: The Main Platform Does not Grant Access (SCAM)

Every day more and more cryptocurrency projects are abandoned without apparent reason. They stop receiving updates, management, or simple investments. Most of them are even deleted from the internet…See more

All the information related to this project is really confusing.

This project is out of order, stay away as you may lose your funds. In the exchange where it is listed, it has a volume of 0 and not counting that it has no purchase orders. -It is not possible…See more