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Review on Zennies by Jorge Hernández

various options with blockchain

Since the existence of traditional banking, large gaps have arisen between private users and the financial services they can access; However, blockchain technology has implemented some financial platforms that seek rapprochement and inclusion with all individuals in a community, without underestimating their economic capacity. Zennies aims towards this business philosophy.

Zennies is a blockchain solution that aims to offer a variety of solutions and uses to the users of its platform, in such a way that the financial services offered by it are inclusive and useful for its community and allow it to interact in a friendly way with its platform.

Zennies is a platform created and supported by its community and because of this it manages a philosophy oriented to benefit the members of its community, so that they are part of its inclusive cryptographic trading system.

By using this more humane view of the economy; Zennies aims to promote the universal use of digital money, by providing a variety of uses for its blockchain protocol.

What utilities does Zennies offer?

In addition to the basic functions of blockchain protocols, Zennies allows:

• Store money safely

• Access your source of crypto financing

• Use its technology for the development of future projects that contribute to the growth of its ecosystem

For developers, Zennies represents a valuable financial tool that drives the creation of their projects, providing financial resources and technical support.

For users in general, it is a secure gateway to various blockchain services.

Pros & cons

  • Offers various uses
  • Promotes the massive adoption of digital money
  • It is a non-custodial protocol
  • Create an open economic system
  • Offers a secure wallet
  • Provides financing opportunities to its users
  • Listed on a single market
  • Does not have stable value