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Review on SilverStone F1 Monaco S radar detector by Tawan Nuyok ᠌

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I was surprised by the quality for this price.

In general, there are pluses, there are minuses. This is my first radar detector, so it's a bit difficult for me to judge, I may not be entirely objective. BUT there is, guys, a big "BUT" - traveled in the summer to the Sea of ​​Azov (in total there and back and there - 4800 km), a month has passed - not a single "letter of happiness". And this "BUT" outweighs everything. In fact, he has already worked out half of his cost (he took it in the spring for 6500). Therefore, I am satisfied with the device!

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  • - Qualitatively assembled, does not creak, does not play. Feels like quality. The sticker on the case says "Made in Korea". - Stylish stuff. - I installed the latest firmware with reduced chatter + additional settings = just class: chatting only on business and when necessary. At the same time, the notification is heard even when the radio is turned on loudly, and without music, I want to reduce the sound. - A good bright display, the information is perfectly readable in the sun, and at night I reduce the brightness to a minimum, otherwise it hurts my eyes. - Good database of radars, ates via the Internet. - The signature is top notch. "Arrow" catches at a time for 800 meters. - Many modes, the possibility of individual settings. - Long cord and good connector. Add. socket on the back of the plug into the cigarette lighter - you can connect something else. - Catching cameras in the back.
  • - There are VERY many false positives in the K-band along the highway - auto doors at gas stations, adaptive cruise control and dead zone sensors on passing cars, etc. Although, maybe this is a tuning issue, but I tried. - Mobile "Chris" catches VERY poorly. Roughly: out of 10 meetings - in 7 cases he simply does not see him even at close range, in 2 cases - he squeaks for 50-100 m (when, in fact, it is already too late), and only in one he is normally determined from afar. - At the entrance to the Hong Kong Ring Road, you need to switch to "City 1-2-3", otherwise it will torment you to repeat "arrow-camera in the back-camera strip-video block-dummy" endlessly. I just unplug. - Bad suction cups on the glass and an ugly mount in general. But I put on a sticky silicone mat for 80. - does not go, does not fall, remove-put very easily and quickly, everything is OK.

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May 29, 2023
Good device for affordable money.
May 29, 2023
After three days of agonizing over my choice, I am satisfied with my purchase.

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