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Review on Dyson V8 Absolute: The Ultimate Cordless Vacuum for Effortless Cleaning by Som Sak ᠌

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I like everything, the price and quality are acceptable.

Previously, I used only wired dusters of well-known brands (electrolux, bork, samsung), so I initially doubted the capabilities of the battery device. But I wanted something modern and compact for a new apartment, so I began to read about current models. I really wanted to get rid of the bucket with a mop, so at first I looked at models with washing nozzles - Tefal, Philips, LG - according to the results of the study, it turned out that they either wash floors mediocrely (except for LG A9 +, but it is a separate story) - or wash well but vacuum poorly ( washing models from Bissel), and are limited in functionality (you cannot vacuum furniture, for example). After talking with the consultants, I found out that there is a separate fluffy nozzle for wiping the floors - in fact, after the seller demonstrated its work on the V8 on the floor in the store - and a choice was made in favor of this model: it wipes the tiles really clean. Parquet/laminate is similar. Accordingly, if you do not forget about wet cleaning, then do it much less frequently. In the standard mode, it works very quietly, there is enough power (largely due to the good work of the nozzles), the maximum mode can only be used for difficult cases (for example, a door mat). The air blows out really very clean - I realized that all my past vacuum cleaners spit out some of the dust out through the bags and foam rubber. He sucked a handful of dust out of a six-month-old IKEA sofa (although before that he also vacuumed). Cleaned out the computer with the keyboard and all the upholstered chairs to like new condition. We haven't gotten to the car yet, but we're going to. As for the charge - an apartment of 50 m2 is enough to clean with a large margin (if we are talking about the usual weekly cleaning). But don't count on the second time. Of the shortcomings - I noticed strange stains on the plastic, apparently casting defects - of course, it does not affect the work, but for such a price I would like to get quality in everything. In addition, there is some backlash of the parts relative to each other (pipes with a body and nozzles), but again, it does not affect the work.

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  • Powerful, lightweight, well-equipped, uncompromising air filtration system - with it your home will definitely become cleaner!
  • Expensive, especially against the background of Chinese competitors, there are assembly nuances, there is no possibility of wet cleaning (Dyson, pay attention to this point - competitors already have good solutions!)

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