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Review on Square by Abraham Jeremiah

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Square, A formidable ground for business operations

I have always known Square mainly through it's payment service application called Cash App which is a very popular one though just like the main Services Square provides, it's also limited to some certain countries. Now, Square goes beyond the payment processing scenery as it is regarded as a focal point for connecting business to it's target ctarget customers by providing an online marketplace for businesses to create their online shops without the need of ever having a website, all the heavy loadings are or have already been carried out by Square.
I really liked the fact that businesses gets to sell their inventories like in a marketplace on Square, make payment processing via the Square, infact, completely control and order their business on this platform. With Square offering business toolkits like Business loans, Payroll control, payment servicing, order delivery, periodic reports on business conducted outside the locale of the main operator etc. The fees associated with running one's business on Square is also very low, except for he regular percentages charged for each transaction, they can be considered low.
As Square is well-established in USA and some other countries, it has also limited it's services to those areas and gives the greater populace, access to what it offers

  • Square provides us a platform where we can create a free online marketplace for selling our inventories
  • Square also offers business loans to the business platforms that makes use of it's services
  • There is a business toolkit that allows business owners registered to Square to operate their business grounds more efficiently like payroll support, detailed periodic report tables, incurred fees etc.
  • Very low fees are associated with running one's business on Square
  • The services provided by Square is limited to only five countries

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