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Review on Get Your Yoga On With Gruper - Non-Slip Eco-Friendly Mats For Home Workouts And Pilates by Jeff Wyble

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Good Quality, thick and does the job

This is my first yoga mat although I have used many others at my local gym. After the virus hit, I decided to start bringing in my own mat instead of using the ones at the gym and also saving the time to have to sanitize them before I use them (although I sanitize my own mat after use). I've been using this mat now for around 3 months and I use it for doing my pre-workout stretches, planks and abdominal exercises.Pros: Thick (not too much though), doesn't slip, plenty wide and long enough (I am 5 foot 10 and weigh 185). Looks great and lightweight for the quality/thickness. Seems to be good quality and durable. I feel that this may not be my last mat but I won't be buying very many like this during my lifetimeCons: Doesn't slip so it makes it impossible to tighten the roll once you roll it. Essentially you have to roll it up tight to begin with. Seems to leave depressions in it at least for awhile after use. (I place weights under my mat for elevation and do ab roller exercises and it leaves depressions where my knees are on top of the weight.) It is so "grippy" that when I use paper towels and sanitizing spray, it will generally tear the paper towel. I am sure that a lint-free cloth towel would work much better. The bag leaves a lot to be desired, actually I would say do not buy this like I did because it comes with a bag. The bag opens from the top and it is cheaply made. Because it opens from the top, it makes it almost impossible to roll up the mat and get the thing down into the bag without it unfurling and gripping the inside of the mat. Kind of like putting on very tight socks when your feet are wet. My bag actually tore at the mesh. I plan to purchase a full-zip bag for this mat.In summary, buy this mat if you are on the fence but don't buy it for the bag. This could easily be the best quality mat in your class. In my opinion it is great quality and worth every penny.

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  • ❤ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 365 days hassle free warranty for our yoga mat,90 days unconditional refund.If you have any questions , we welcome that you contact us via E-mail. Our mission is to provide you with an excellent shopping experience!
  • The mat may be too heavy or cumbersome to transport

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