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Review on Braintree by Douglas Cachazo

Braintree: Powerful payment platform complemented by its owner paypal

E-commerce and in general all large e-commerce stores require as a necessary complement a mechanism that allows sellers to have the ability to collect the products they sell and similarly to buyers to make their payments in the easiest, most convenient, fast and secure way.

That is precisely the function of all these payment platforms, Braintree arises as a complement to the giant Paypal who owns it, in my opinion they do it to take more market at less commission and to have means of payment that paypal can not, For example in paypal you can only make payments with credit cards and not with bitcoin and with Braintree apart from having all the payment methods offered by Paypay you can also make payments with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the service to install its Api is free and paypal must make a payment in dollars for it. I consider it as a fork but unlike the traditional ones the company that emerges belongs to the same group, it is generally a practice that leading companies do.

Braintree offers additional functionalities such as billing service, collection management, minimizes the risk of fraud,

I can highly recommend this platform but its full potential is only available in the United States, in other countries only some of the services. Its great strength is in allowing customers to pay almost as they wish as it supports major payment gateways, credit cards and others.

Pros & cons

  • Belongs to the giant Paypal
  • Accepts almost any payment method
  • Possibility of bitcoin payments
  • Install its Api is free and is in PHP and Payton
  • Low transaction fees
  • Nothing to say about it