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Review on Amazon Pay by Mark Michael

Amazon pay...

Amazon pay is a payment service provider (PSP) which was formerly known as Amazon payments. It allows customers complete payments and donations through their Amazon account unlike some other payment services, Amazon is an in site or in app payment system which means to make payments, you to not need to leave the website. I actually enjoyed that pay is Amazon pay. Amazon pay integrates with over a dozen e-commerce sites and is a transparent and convenient site though with poor customer service.

Signing up is quite simple you will need an Amazon seller account after which it will be integrated into your website.

It has an Amazon pay policy which prohibits selling of high risk goods which will put the company at risk.

I've had quite an experience with it . My Amazon account actually my brother's was withheld with his funds for no particular tangible reason.

Besides i had to be in the country i wanted to process transaction from which a very stressful option.

Pros & cons

  • No monthly account fees
  • Predictable flat rate pricing
  • Easy integration into websites
  • Brand recognition
  • You have to be present in the country which you want to process your transaction
  • Poor customer service
  • Numerous funds withholding and account seizures