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Review on Ad Tech Mini Hi Temp Combo White by Tara Ford

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The beauty! For those whose hands are not from the priests!

Hey guys! Today I want to tell you about a universal tool that quickly glues various materials. It can be used for handicrafts and for gluing parts in repairs, furniture assembly and woodworking. It helps in fixing engineering communications, filling seams, sealing. My joy knew no bounds when I bought it as a gift for my loved one. It was a story when you buy a gift for your loved one, and then keep it for yourself... This gun is from the category of professional, the power is good. This is not China! Weighs 400 grams. Very comfortable to hold in hand. Heats up within 2 minutes. All functions declared by the manufacturer are performed 100%. We are adults and must understand that the quality of gluing materials is very dependent on the quality of hot-melt adhesive rods. These sticks are made from thermoplastic polymer with wax, stabilizers, resin and adhesive additives according to the purpose of the particular type of adhesive. The diameter of the rods for this pistol is 11 mm. The length of the rods is 30 cm, can be shorter. For various crafts and hobbies, multi-colored rods are produced. You can find rods with shiny inclusions that are reflected on the surface. The hot glue gun consists of a heating element, a channel for feeding glue sticks through the heating element and a holder. It connects to the outlet with a regular plug and has a standard fixed wire. What pleases? 1. The body is made of impact-resistant plastic. 2. Super fast heating. 3. Power feed device allows you to control the amount of glue applied. 4. The metal tip is protected by a silicone pad. 5. There is a built-in adjustable stand. 6. Bright design. 7. Leak protection. 8. There is a switch on the handle. 9. Power: 80W / 220V 10. Operated flawlessly in my family for several years. What are the disadvantages? 1. The wire is short, it is necessary to extend the carrying. 2. There is no work indicator light, it is not clear whether it is on at the moment. I draw your attention to the fact that the glue flowing out of the gun is very hot. It quickly cools and hardens. Be careful when working with it. Melted adhesive can cause burns if it comes into contact with skin! The photo shows a toy for a Christmas tree (the idea was spied on the Internet, thanks a lot to the girl who posted it for everyone to see). With the help of this gun, a structure made of paper, cardboard, plastic, fabric and a real feather was glued together. Operating instructions for a pistol for "blondes". Girls, don't be offended, I myself am ... 1. We select glue sticks. In our case, they will be 11 mm. The length does not matter, we will work longer with the long one. 2. Remove the cured glue from the nozzle. If it doesn't exist, then you don't need to delete anything. 3. We load into the round hole, in the back of the gun, the rod until it stops. 4. Turn on the gun and wait until the rods heat up (2 minutes). When you press the trigger, the glue will easily flow out of the nozzle. 5. Our working temperature will be 165 degrees. 6. Point the nozzle of the gun down and place it close to the object to be glued. 7. Squeeze the trigger mechanism of the gun until the glorified glue begins to flow out. Smoothly apply glue to the surface of the product, while leaving the nozzle in contact with the surface to be glued. 8. We will use the amount of glue that we need. We must remember that if there is a lot of glue, then the soft surfaces will become rough and will be damaged. Also, excess glue can flow out of the seams and our product will have an unpleasant appearance. 9. Let the glue dry for a few minutes. In some cases, additional time may be required for fixation. 10. After finishing work, clean the nozzle. 11. On / off switch, move to the "off" position. 12. Disconnect the gun from the power source. Friends, I hope that the information on this tool was useful for you. I'll sum it up. Definitely worth buying, as it has established itself as a very reliable and necessary thing in the house. Creative inspiration to you, and whoever is engaged in repairs finish them as soon as possible.

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