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Review on HONBAY Grey Sectional Sofa With Reversible Chaise, Convertible L Shaped Couch For Small Spaces Apartment by Andrew Vogel

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Fits my space perfectly - very pleased; however assembly was a pain in the ass

First off, I ordered this sofa less than 3 days ago and now I’m sitting on it as I write this review.When I ordered it, I was concerned that it might cram my space as I live in a single. My intentions were to a) have a comfy place where I can lay out, nap, and watch TV that isn’t my bed; b) have a place that will accommodate guests comfortably as i’m turning my home into a social hangout spot. The sofa is also long enough that someone under 6’ could prolly get a decent night sleep if folks need to crash at my place; c) have a sofa compact enough that it doesn’t eat into the floor space I use to exercise as I do lots of workouts from home. This sofa fulfilled all of those intentions. Beyond my expectations.It takes up such a compact amount of space that i’m keeping the settee I had there before. I moved the settee to the end of my bed which creates more seating area for guests.Now the only reason why I didn’t give this a 5 was because assembly was a bear. It was just me and took a total of about 1h25min, about 20-30 of those minutes I was stuck on parts A and B. It was frustrating because the instructions said A slides into B. I went on YouTube to find videos and did google searches to see what I was missing, but help was not available. Then I just stopped and stared at A and B. After a few minutes of visual inspection, it dawned on me that A does NOT in fact slide into B. B slides into A. That finally worked, but not before I almost burst into tears b/c I thought I might have received a defective product needing replacement. Who has time to go thru all that?OK so A and B are together. Now we’re rolling. But stop, what are these random 10 discs that don’t appear on the assembly diagrams? I had moved on from the sofa to the ottoman and was almost finished it all together when I realized the discs are like reinforcers for the legs/feet. This wasn’t intuitive and was not straightforward from the instructions. I had already screwed on 6 of the legs onto the main seating area and had to unscrew them all (and remove the 2 I had placed onto adjoining sections of the sofa) to correctly place those discs.Third, there’s a random piece of wood wrapped in fabric with no accompanying photo in assembly. I don’t know what this thing is for. Perhaps a beam for "just in case”? I have no clue so it’s chillin’ underneath the sofa for now.Finally, from the diagram it wasn’t clear which direction the two back pieces connect to the base. I was trying to fit two pieces into these slots that just weren’t budging so I thought Once again is my product defective? It was only after I closely inspected a photo of the finished product online that I realized the back needed to be placed the opposite way.Those assembly diagrams need an upgrade stat! If it weren’t for this trial and error hassle, I woulda given my experience 5 stars.————-I’m writing this part of my review about 2 months after first using my sofa. I love it even more. I woke up this morning to find that my cat had upchucked a thick sticky hairball with accompanying juices right on the fabric. I had a sofa cover but she managed to still upchuck onto the fabric. It was a large stain and I thought I’d have to be inconvenienced by taking it to a professional cleaner. Well, I didn’t. The upchuck had caked a bit by the time I got to it and ALL I NEEDED TO DO was use a paper towel to take off the thicker parts then wet the towel and remove the rest. No more stain. I was stunned and my appreciation for this product just went up tenfold.

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  • Versatile L-shaped design
  • Uncomfortable armrests that are too low or too high

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