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Review on 1AC-A1-II Fluke πŸ’‘ VoltAlert Non-Contact Voltage Tester by Linda Diaz

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Fluke 1AC Excellent voltage indicator - my review about it

Hello, dear participants and guests of . Today I want to talk a little about electrical safety, as a very important factor in many professions and just home life. My review is about one of the main means of protection against electric shock. This is Duwi's non-contact AC voltage tester. My first profession after graduating from high school was the position of an electrician of distribution networks. As a completely green boy in professional activities, I really did not like working with older men who were already under 50 at that time. I'm like 22-23. I was interested in songs, some clever books on psychology... Philosophical conversations... And here you have some kind of team of fitters and a five-day week. I worked for about a year and quickly quit. I got a job in the same organization only in the capital - Kyiv. He worked as an electrician of the operational-field brigade. In general, everything was more serious here. New experience, new people... But all the same, all these songs with a guitar beckoned me to quickly escape from there as well. Which is what happened in the end... Why am I actually writing this? An electrician, especially a distribution network and an OVB, is a job with increased danger. Whether you like it or not, you will learn how to work safely in electrical installations. And when you work with a voltage of 10,000 V, for example, you have to think about the possible consequences of neglecting electrical safety. Since then, I have never worked as an electrician again, but the skill of safe work has been preserved, for which I am sincerely grateful to the harsh Ukrainian men, their insults to my hell and indirect ridicule of me personally, as an inexperienced, green dude who does not understand anything, but for with higher education. Now I almost always have some kind of voltage indicator in my pocket. The latter bought in Leroy Merlin for work. When turned on, the tester emits a short beep along with a green glow, which indicates the normal state of the device and its readiness for use. Now you can use. Let me tell you a little about the tester itself. This is the easiest device to use and does not require any additional settings. The main requirement is to check it from time to time, for personal safety. For example, I inserted an electrical appliance into the network, well, a kettle ... I don’t know. We saw that the kettle was working. Then bring the tester to the wire or socket, in its original working position. If it works, then it's in order. And so periodically to do, not being lazy. Here you should not save on trifles. The main feature of this tester is that they do not have to touch live parts that are energized. For example, a conventional indicator (the one that looks like a screwdriver) must be brought and touched to the metal current-carrying parts of the socket or the terminal of the circuit breaker. Some have the need to touch with one finger on a special bolt on the body of the indicator itself ... Our tester signals already at a distance. That is, you take the tester, bring it to the outlet and it starts signaling with red light and characteristic sound pulses. The tester is suitable not only for a 220 V network, but also for low-voltage networks. In the photo below, I show how it signals the presence (well, I already know this myself, of course) a voltage of 19 V. Not bad, isn't it? And this despite the fact that the current-carrying part of the cable is insulated. It also has 2 sound alarm modes, which is also very important. The first is "very dangerous" when the sound pulses are accelerated. The second is "dangerous"... with the second you can visually verify that the voltage is present, but more isolated from you. Well, what else to say. The device is simple and very useful. Very convenient. You come somewhere for the first time and you can immediately determine the degree of threat or simply whether the sockets work. It will be useful both for professionals and just at home on the farm. I put all fives, because with proper use and cost, it does not cause any reproaches in its address. Thank you for attention. I recommend. Good luck.

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  • You need to play around with it a bit and get used to the testimony.

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